Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

How to save money on birthday cakes.

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Kids Birthday Cake Ideas – Frugal Birth Day Cake

frugal birthday cake ideas
Kids birthday cake ideas can be difficult to think of. The birth day cake is generally the centerpiece of a birthday party.

People come in to snap pictures of it for the picture album. Everyone gathers around it to wish the birthday girl or boy a happy birthday (and many more).

For that reason, some people go all out for their birthday cake, sometimes spending upwards of $50 on one. However, for frugal moms, this page will explore creative kids birthday cake ideas that won't break the bank.

Get in the Kitchen

One easy way to save money on kids birthday cake ideas is to make it yourself. You don't need to be a top chef or have a kitchen full of special supplies to make a birthday cake that your child will love.

Homemade birthday cakes are easy to make, easy to customize, and (most importantly) easy on the pocket. Generally you will just need a boxed cake mix (yes, I said boxed - there's no need to make one from scratch if you don't want to), some eggs, oil, and water, a container of your child's favorite frosting, and some creativity.

When it comes to decorating, you can go simple and add sparkling sugar or edible sugar decorations that you can grab for a couple of bucks at places like Wal-Mart or grab a tube of gel icing and scroll out a message on the cake. If, however, you want to personalize your cake even more - go check out your child's playroom or your local dollar store. Small toys like hot wheels, small animal toys and figurines can be the perfect topper to your child's birthday cake. And they can take a normal cake and easily transform it into a themed cake (cars, princess, favorite things, etc.).

If you have your heart set on a theme (such as your child's favorite cartoon) you can always try to find a cartoon character cake pan and then decorate it yourself. If the icing color is a problem (for example, if you need a color like green, you can easily achieve it with a simple buttercream icing recipe and a little food coloring. Some people would be hard put to tell the store bought cakes from the homemade birthday cakes.

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  • Hit the Web

    A little nervous about your culinary skills? Don't think you can come up with an idea on your own? Don't worry. The internet is a great source of information for how to make great cakes in the comfort of your own home and with basic tools. You can even find a lot of video tutorials that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

    These days, it is even easier to get kids birthday cake ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pin board and many women spend a great deal of time pinning ideas for various projects and ideas that they have. I daresay if you were to go on to Pinterest and type in a keyword such as "homemade birthday cakes" or "kids birthday cake ideas" or even "themed birthday cake" you would find yourself browsing several pictures that will get your mind spinning.

    Saving Money at the Bakery

    Of course, your child (once they hit a certain age) will probably have their own suggestions for a birth day cake. And sometimes those ideas may be beyond what we can make at home. In those cases, you may find yourself making a trip to the bakery, dreading the moment when the clerk tells you how much the cake will be. Don't worry; there are ways to save even when you have to pay someone else to make the cake.

    First of all, don't be afraid to shop around for kids birthday cake ideas. Look at the bakery sections in grocery stores as well as local bakeries. If you see a cake that you want but it is a bit pricier than you would like, ask if they can make some adjustments such as making it smaller or having fewer embellishments (as those can hike up the price a bit). Just make sure you give them plenty of notice.

    And I would be remiss if I didn’t throw out the option of asking a friend or family member (or someone a friend or family member knows) to bake the birth day cake for you. Try bartering something they see as value for their baking skills, such as babysitting.

    Skip the Cake

    Ok, I know that sounds crazy. Didn't I say earlier that the cake is the centerpiece of the party? Give me a second to explain. Cakes aren't the only option. Cupcakes are actually a great alternative. Think about it. They are a lot easier to serve. You don't have kids arguing about getting a smaller slice than everyone else. They are just as tasty. And they can serve a dual purpose ...a birthday activity. Have the guests decorate the cupcakes and then eat them.

    What frugal kids birthday cake ideas do you have?

    tell us what you think

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