Jerky Direct Scam?

Is Jerky Direct a scam or a legitimate business opportunity?

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The Jerky Direct Scam

Legitimate Company or Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Jerky Direct Scam? Is the Jerky Direct business opportunity real, or is it a pyramid scheme?

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There is so much talk these days about network marketing, illegal pyramid schemes, stay at home mom businesses, and making money, that when one hears a Jerky Direct review, they may be wary.

It seems like new companies are springing up overnight, offering thousands of dollars in income per month from working part-time.

It is becoming more and more difficult to tell the legitimate network marketing companies from the illegitimate ones. So where does the Jerky Direct business opportunity fall into place in all this? Is it a Jerky Direct scam, or a legitimate company?

Pyramid Schemes

What, exactly, are pyramid schemes? A pyramid scheme is an opportunity that somewhat resembles a legitimate multi-level marketing company. You have the same payout structure, and the same concept, but there is one striking difference: There is no product.

Or, if there is a product, it's value does not equal its price. For instance, the product could be a water bottle that costs $500 to buy. In a pyramid scheme, the opportunity is the only thing sold, and the product, if any, is secondary.

So is Jerky Direct MLM a pyramid scheme? Is it a scam? To answer this question on whether the jerky direct scam exists, we need to examine both the product and the Jerky Direct business opportunity.

The Product

Jerky Direct scam?

In order for a network marketing opportunity to be legitimate, it must have a valuable and worthwhile product. The product must be reasonably priced to the public, and must offer a reasonable commission to the distributor. The product, not the opportunity, should be the value in the business.

jerky-direct-scam-02; jerky direct review Let's talk jerky. Jerky Direct premium meat snacks are quality products.

They are high protein, low fat beef, buffalo, and turkey jerky. The meat is raised without added hormones, and no preservatives or MSG is added to the product. They are great tasting and most who try them find them to be the best jerky they have ever had.

As far as the cost goes, the bags cost $6 each, retail. Approximately 1/3rd of that price is commission to the distributor. The same jerky sells at Whole Foods and Walmart under a different label for $8-9 a bag.

The jerky can be bought wholesale and resold at flea markets, festivals, farmers markets, roadside stands, and fundraisers. The commissions that the Jerky Direct distributor receives alone would make such a venture profitable.

So we can see, when examining Jerky Direct scam, that it passes both the product quality and price tests. We also see that the a Jerky Direct review of the product, by itself, could stand alone without the opportunity.

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The Opportunity

Jerky Direct scam? When examining scams in network marketing, many put the opportunity before the product. They charge outrageous ($500, $1,000, $5,000+) sign up fees and pay the distributor a commission for recruiting others. A legitimate opportunity will have a low sign up fee and will pay out a continuous, residual income based on the purchases of a distributor's downline.

Jerky Direct is free to join. There are no sign up fees whatsoever. A Jerky Direct distributor gets no extra compensation for signing up a new distributor. They simply get residual income from every single distributor they enroll, starting with the very first one, because of the Jerky Direct comp plan.

Jerky Direct also has no cancellation fees, and no commitment as to how long you have to stay in the autoship program. You can cancel at any time.

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Other Reasons

jerky-direct-scam-03; jerky direct comp plan It's clear to see that Jerky Direct is not a scam, but a legitimate network marketing company with an attractive opportunity.

The minimum monthly purchase is $14.75, which includes (2) bags of jerky at prices lower than or the same as retail establishments, which is quite affordable for nearly every individual across the country.

You sign no "non-compete" clause with Jerky Direct, which means that you are free to belong to Jerky Direct as well as any other network marketing opportunity you are currently in. You may not, however, encourage your Jerky Direct downline to join another network marketing company.

And you can sign up as many distributors under yourself as you want. Unlike some multilevel marketing opportunities, there are no "forced" matrices, which means that the money you are able to earn with the Jerky Direct comp plan is not limited.

All in all, you can see that the Jerky Direct business opportunity is a wonderful one, and is most definitely not a scam.
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