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Promote Jerky Direct online with these tips from Jerky Direct Distributor Rayven Perkins. Learn how to boost sales and gain new Jerky Direct business recruits on the internet.

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Whether you're a Jerky Direct distributor already, or are thinking of joining, these tips for working the business online are great food-for-thought. There are two ways to work Jerky Direct online: by directing customers to your website or by sponsoring others you meet on the internet.
the 75% rule

Your Website

When you are a Jerky Direct distributor, you get a free website. You can direct customers to your website and earn 20% commission on all their purchases as part of the Jerky Direct comp plan.

Plus, Jerky Direct will ship the product for you and handle all the customer service. This is what is known as "drop shipping".

You will probably want to forward your free jerky direct website address to a unique address that you have created. For instance, I send my customers to instead of

This prevents them from dropping the "stayathomemom" and going straight to "" which would eliminate my commission. Redirecting your domain name is easy to do and inexpensive. For more information see Forwarding Your Domain.

Selling Online

You can sell your Jerky Direct online in a variety of venues. There are two ways to sell Jerky Direct online; either by promoting your website link, or by purchasing cases of jerky and shipping from your home.

You can also utilize the drop ship method to sell and ship online without carrying inventory. After joining, your upline should explain this to you.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Online Website

Message boards and Signature Lines
You should always have your Jerky Direct business url in your signature line for all your emails. If you are active in any forums or on any message boards, if allowed, make sure your url is in your tag line there as well. Many forums have a place for selling things, stay at home mom businesses, or garage sales. See about posting regularly there.

Shopping Groups
There are some Yahoo Groups for moms that are called Shopping Groups. These groups stay at home mom businesses get together and purchase from each other's direct sales company.

Your Own Online Store
If you own an online store of some sort, you can include your Jerky Direct products in your offerings to your customers! You do not have to send them to your Jerky Direct online website; they can order from your shopping cart directly.
rayven perkins

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Join Jerky Direct

Joining My Jerky Direct team is very simple!

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "enroll now".

On this page, you'll need to choose your user name and password. Keep in mind that your username becomes your website name, so if you were to choose "stayathomemom" as your username (that's mine), your website becomes:

After this, fill out the form, choose what flavor of jerky you want, and click submit! You've now joined my team!

Online Recruiting

Recruiting online is very popular. Many moms and just people in general come online looking for a business opportunity, or a way to earn money out of their homes. Jerky Direct is an awesome opportunity and appeals to many stay at home mom businesses because it is so inexpensive to start!

And because the product is quality, reasonably priced, and tastes so darn good, people stay in the autoship program longer than most other network marketing companies. The above ideas can be a good starting place to recruit Jerky Direct online. In addition, you can try these resources:

Classified Ads
I've placed classified ads online for my websites and opportunities. I get results on a daily basis from my efforts.

Check Out Classified Ads

Online Parties
This is a great way to get started recruiting moms! The nice part about online parties is that there is always a constant stream of those completely new to stay at home mom businesses. They have never heard of Jerky Direct, and once they see how easy it is, they want to join!

Check Out Online Parties

Your Own Content Website
Creating a content based website, such as Stay a Stay at Home Mom, is probably the best thing I have done to further my Jerky Direct online business efforts. You can create your own website too.

It's easy, requires no experience, and can make you money on any topic that you are interested in. And you can market your Jerky Direct business to any audience! For instance, my exhusband markets the business on another website for those interested in traveling full time in an RV. He offers Jerky Direct as a business opportunity and a solution to their financial needs.
  • Check Out Network Marketing Website
  • Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website
  • jerky-direct-online-03; free jerky direct jerky samples Offering Samples
    The very first month I enrolled in Jerky Direct I ordered samples and sent them to all my online friends.

    By the end of the first month, I had signed up 8 new distributors, more than paying for my own autoshipment.

    Once people try this terrific jerky, they want to join, regardless of if they plan to promote the business opportunity. I would suggest offering samples, if possible, to your potential recruits.

    What ways do you promote jerky online?

    tell us what you think

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    Please Note: No portion of this website should be construed as a promise of earnings. This website is intended to give people ideas on how to make money, not guarantee that they will. Your results will vary.

    It's important to note that though this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, is geared towards women, my team has both men and women from across the country. Also, the training for our team is open to all team members, not just moms.

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