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Jerky Direct MLM - Why I Became a Jerky Direct Distributor

Learn why Jerky Direct MLM was the perfect choice for me and how it can fit into your lifestyle too. If you are looking for the perfect stay at home mom business, consider becoming a Jerky Direct distributor.

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A few years ago, I was introduced to network marketing by joining an organization that I found through an online message board full of stay at home mom businesses. The poster, another mom halfway across the country, said she worked with a company that helped moms earn money to stay home with their children.

The company name was "hush, hush"; she couldn't mention it in email, but did tell me when I called. They sold all natural personal and cleaning products and sounded great! Although it made me feel really funny about all the secrecy, I decided to give it a try, so I joined and became one of many stay at home mom businesses.

The company worked off a points system; we were required to purchase so many points per month. I can't remember how many exactly, but let's say it was 75.

Each product in their catalog was worth a different amount of points, and the points didn't necessarily translate evenly. For example, a $7.99 cleaner might be 3 points while a $7.99 candle might be only 2. On average, including shipping, we were spending approximately $175 per month on our 75 points.

When we got our first shipment, I was in love! I honestly felt that the products, albeit a little expensive, were wonderful. For the most part, they smelled good, they worked good, and I have to admit it was so much fun getting something in the mail.

So I set about trying to sell the opportunity to other moms. I had originally wanted to do so online, but at the time, I was totally ignorant on how to market effectively online. So I didn't do such a good job.

I bought the "company sponsored" websites and such, but I was just spinning my wheels. Of course, it would have helped if I could have mentioned the company name. I personally always felt like we were tricking someone with it all.

Offline, we spent several hundred dollars to get some print materials made - again, not mentioning the company name. We then spent several hundred more to get them included in new resident welcome packs.

We got one lead in four months of doing this; did one home presentation, but they passed. Over time, it started to wear me out. I was spending tons of money online and offline to promote this business, paying 5 times more per month in health and beauty aids and cleaners than we typically did, and my husband finally confessed that he didn't even like the product!

Defeated, after 6 months I quit the business. In that time I had sponsored one person total, who stayed in less than a month. I never made a single dime, had spent over a thousand dollars, and had product left over that took an additional 9 months to use.

I vowed never to join such a company again. It wasn't that the company was bad; it was just difficult to sell, and honestly, neither one of us ever did fully understand the comp plan to begin with.

In 2007 I came across a different network marketing company. Jerky Direct MLM.

At first, I didn't even know it was an MLM! I had ordered some product from a Jerky Direct distributor in a shopping group I belonged to full of stay at home mom businesses.

Within seconds of receiving that first shipment, it was gone. It was a very good day for my husband to come home early from work! Since the price was good, and the quality was excellent, the following month I ordered more in another shopping group I belonged to, from a different Jerky Direct distributor.

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Joining My Jerky Direct team is very simple!

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "enroll now".

On this page, you'll need to choose your user name and password. Keep in mind that your username becomes your website name, so if you were to choose "stayathomemom" as your username (that's mine), your website becomes:

After this, fill out the form, choose what flavor of jerky you want, and click submit! You've now joined my team!

We couldn't keep the stuff in the house! I had heard about the autoship program they offered, and then started to investigate it. I found out that it was an MLM, but I was confused.

In my experience, MLM companies had difficult payout scales, and all sorts of qualifications and minimum purchases to get paid. Jerky Direct MLM did not. The Jerky Direct comp plan was so simple!

You got paid from your very first sale and very first person you sponsored. And all that was required was buying 2 bags of jerky a month! I kept looking for the loophole, for a bad Jerky Direct review, looking for the catch, but there was none.

So that's why I joined Jerky Direct MLM. My exhusband even sells the jerky, retail, at roadside stands, farmer's markets and the like. I can help you get started with that too.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct MLM Website

All in all, I'm so glad I found Jerky Direct MLM. It has helped to make my dreams, travel across the USA in an RV, possible.

Have you joined a network marketing company in the past that left a bad taste in your mouth? What happened?

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