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Why You Should Join with Me

Why join as a Jerky Direct distributor with me?

Let's face it. You have a lot of options out there for home based businesses.

There are many Jerky Direct distributors. You've probably run into them before, either online or offline.

There are thousands of other network marketing companies. Why Jerky Direct and why me?

Why Jerky Direct MLM

Jerky Direct is the easiest to explain company in network marketing, which makes it easy to sell.
1. $14.75 monthly autoship gets you 2 bags of jerky of your choice. $2.97 shipping.

2. Get a free website.

3. No sign up fees, cancel whenever you want.

4. Make money in 3 ways: selling online at your free website, selling offline at flea markets, etc or sign up new distributors.
That's pretty much it.

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Rayven Recommends: Join Me!

Joining my Jerky Direct team is very simple!

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "enroll now". On this page, you'll need to choose your user name and password.

Keep in mind that your username becomes your website name, so if you were to choose "stayathomemom" as your username (that's mine), your website becomes:

After this, fill out the form, choose what flavor of jerky you want, and click submit! You've now joined my team!

12 dollar program

Why Me?

There are a few reasons you might choose me (other than the fact that you just love my site, Stay a Stay at Home Mom) as your Jerky Direct distributor or sponsor.

I've been a Jerky Direct distributor since April 2007. Considering this company is relatively new on the network marketing radar, and considering how long most MLM distributors last, that is saying something.

I've been with this company long enough to completely know how it works, including the Jerky Direct comp plan, and can say with experience that Jerky Direct is a fantastic company and opportunity.

2. I Practice What I Preach.
I won't sit here and tell you to go out and recruit people but not do it myself; I personally sponsor others.

I won't tell you theoretically how to sell at a roadside stand; my exhusband does it and I'll show you how to do it. You are able to learn from my successes and failures, and are able to ask questions of me to help you along your way. I have experience with Jerky Direct MLM and am willing to share it.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

3.Training Modules
For those Jerky Direct distributor members on my team, I offer five complete training series.

Depending on your individual business goals, you can choose the customized training that's right for you. Choose from:
  • Facebook Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Retail Sales
  • Offline Recruiting
  • Online Recruiting Intensive
  • In addition, Jerky Direct offers online training and more for all distributors.
    12 dollar program

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    Please Note: No portion of this website should be construed as a promise of earnings. This website is intended to give people ideas on how to make money, not guarantee that they will. Your results will vary.

    It's important to note that though this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, is geared towards women, my team has both men and women from across the country. Also, the training for our team is open to all team members, not just moms.
  • My Jerky Direct Website
  • About the Opportunity
  • Why I Joined JD
  • Is Jerky Direct a Scam?
  • Selling Product Offline
  • Selling Product Online

  • What questions do you have about this business opportunity?

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