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Jerky Direct Business Offline

Selling the Product and the Opportunity

A Jerky Direct business is one of the best opportunities for working at home. Get the facts on how to promote your biz as a Jerky Direct Distributor, and how the Jerky Direct MLM business actually works.

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If you are considering the Jerky Direct MLM opportunity, or if you are already a distributor, there are several ways that you can sell both the product and the opportunity in an offline setting.

Each person is different. Some Jerky Direct distributors might strictly sell online, some will only sell offline, and some will do both. There is no right or wrong way.

Jerky Direct business offline methods include the following. These are, of course, just some ideas. This is by no means the only ways you can work this business!
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Joining my Jerky Direct team is very simple!

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Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "enroll now".

On this page, you'll need to choose your user name and password. Keep in mind that your username becomes your website name, so if you were to choose "stayathomemom" as your username (that's mine), your website becomes:

After this, fill out the form, choose what flavor of jerky you want, and click submit! You've now joined my team!

Flea Markets

Many Jerky Direct distributors choose to sell their wares at flea markets. By purchasing jerky in bulk at wholesale prices, a good profit can be made by selling retail. Though the suggested retail price is $7 a bag, you can set any price you'd like for your product.
Examples include:

jerky-direct-business-02; bags of jerky direct jerky

$8 a Bag
2 Bags for $15
$7 a Bag or 3/$20
$8 a Bag
$8 a Bag or 3/$20

Though you can set any price you wish for your jerky, from experience, I can say that I would never sell for less than $7 or more than $9 a bag. The $9 a bag would be difficult to get in most areas, but the Organic bags can be sold for that in a trendy area, or high cost festival.

Roadside Stands

Some distributors set up roadside stands along the side of heavy traffic roads to sell jerky. The benefit to this is that you can do this whenever you feel like it. The disadvantage is that you might have code enforcers come and kick you out of your spot!

Personally, my exhusband Ed does this. He sells 25-50 bags in a typical 4 hour stand.(Your results may vary.) He made up large wooden signs advertising the jerky, and gives out free samples. More information about this is available in the training series I offer my team members.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

Opportunity Meetings

Another idea for Jerky Direct business is to target a specific niche and hold local, offline, Jerky Direct business opportunity meetings. Using online resources such as Craigslist and to find interested parties, you can meetup at a clubhouse or a local restaurant and tell them about the Jerky Direct comp plan and opportunity.

Yahoo groups or can also be utilized to find people. And don't be afraid of asking another group to advertise your meeting for you! The worse they can say is no.

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Please Note: No portion of this website should be construed as a promise of earnings. This website is intended to give people ideas on how to make money, not guarantee that they will. Your results will vary.

It's important to note that though this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, is geared towards women, my team has both men and women from across the country. Also, the training for our team is open to all team members, not just moms.

What are your thoughts on marketing Jerky Direct offline?

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