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Welcome to Bootcamp!

Welcome to Team XLer8! These are the initial resources you need to excell on our team.

First, join our Facebook group. There are resources and graphics available to our team that you will only find on the Facebook group, and not in any of the training modules. Additionally, this is the best place to get your questions answered in a hurry.

Join Team XLer8 on Facebook

Team Leaders

You should have notification of who your Team Leader is in your welcome email. This is the team you are on for all monthly team incentives, and is just another resource in helping you to succeed with your business. Each Team Leader has their own private Facebook group that you are encouraged to join (please join the one for your Team Leader only, not all the groups).

Rayven & Ed Perkins - The main Team XLer8 Group above

Julie Hisle - Got Jerky?

Marissa Hammers - Power of 4

Chris Tierney - Team10ASHIS

Sign up for Bootcamp

Next, you will want to sign up for Bootcamp, our 7 day basic training for success in your Jerky Direct business. Simply enter your email address in the box below to get free access.

Couponing Course

14 part video course to learn couponing, including workbook and access to resources.

Surrogate Mother

Learn how to become a gestational surrogate mother. Lawyers, fees, matching.

Work w/ Rayven

Join Rayven Perkins in her network marketing business. Get started for under $20.

Theme System

Do you have a theme book for your parties? Increase bookings at your next show.

Mystery Shopping

Training on how to make the most of mystery shopping, how to get higher-paying jobs.

$5,000 Challenge

Have you joined the $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge yet? Learn how to save $5,000+.

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