It's a Mom's Dream - To Stay Home With Your Kids While Watching the Money Roll In...

"Yes! Passive Income IS Possible When You Learn the Real Secrets of Affiliate Marketing"

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Dear Mommy Marketer,

If you've been looking for ways to make money online, you've probably heard about - or maybe even tried your hand at - affiliate marketing. It's a popular business model for moms in part because the cost of entry is so low - typically less than $20 - and the potential profits are so high.

In addition, affiliate marketing works both as a stand-alone revenue stream (and this seems to be the dream of every Internet marketer out there - it's a true passive income model) or as a compliment to other, more active ways of making money. Whichever group you fall into, you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at affiliate marketing. Just be careful where you get your education.

Dream vs. Reality

You've no doubt heard all the hype surrounding affiliate marketing. Depending on who you ask, you might hear that it's all a scam, or that it's the easiest way to make money short of buying a printing press. The truth? Well, as with all things, it's probably somewhere in between.

The fact is, affiliate marketing can be a rewarding, lucrative business model. With a bit of research, some preparations, and a plan, you can develop a system that really does allow you to earn money from home, working only the hours you choose. This is not a pipe dream. This is the reality for many affiliate marketers. I'm going to show you how it works.

Necessary Tools of the Trade

As with any new business venture, there are a few tools you need to get started, and some skills you need to hone. But don't worry - if you're even a little bit business minded and tech savvy, you already possess many of these items.

In "Become an Instant Affiliate Marketer" I've laid out the exact tools and skills you need, from the simple (a PayPal account) to the more complex (email management systems, etc). With easy checklists and references, you'll be able to build a workable plan of attack in no time. I've laid it all out for you, including:

  • 3 Essential Parts of Affiliate Marketing - Without these three things, your business will fail before its begun!
  • Self-Assessment Checklist - So you can quickly figure out exactly what skills you have, and where you might need some help
  • Finding the Help You Need - The beauty of affiliate marketing might be the DIY, no expense appeal, but it's nice to know there's help available where and when you need it!

But that's just the groundwork. The real meat of this step-by-step affiliate marketing guide is still to come.

Proven Steps for Success

To build a truly successful affiliate marketing business, you need to add value to the buying process. You can't simply flood the Internet with your affiliate links and expect to make sales - no matter what some "gurus" are trying to tell you. Adding value to the process means attracting visitors, informing your readers, and staying in touch with them after they've left your site.

  • Content is KING - Learn how to produce an endless stream of useful content to attract readers to your site.
  • Professionalism Counts - Discover the quick and easy way to build a professional web presence in an afternoon.
  • Stay in Touch - It's widely accepted that the average buyer needs to be exposed to your offer several times before taking action - learn how affiliate marketers make that happen - often on autopilot!

Inside "Become an Instant Affiliate Marketer," I've laid out the exact steps you need to take to accomplish all that and more. In fact, I'm even sharing my best resources with you, saving you weeks of research and the headaches of choosing methods and products that just plain don't work.

Fitting the Pieces Together

After talking to a lot of would-be affiliate marketers, one thing is clear: there's no shortage of information. Some good, some not so good, all of it quite overwhelming. That's why I took care to write this eBook in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. It covers everything you need to know, exactly when you need to know it. You'll learn:

instant affiliate marketer

checkmark The most profitable methods of affiliate marketing - and it's not always about blogging!

checkmark  Simple ways to discover lucrative keywords - without spending a ton of cash on fancy research tools.

checkmark 3 types of posts every blog should have - they're the key to attracting a loyal following.

checkmark  How to quick-start your affiliate marketing business by producing and distributing small informatin products.

checkmark  Why offline is sometimes the best method of making online sales.

You'll also quickly learn the technical details like how to:

checkmark  Set up your first hosting account - and how to get your domain name for free.

checkmark  Tell the whole Internet where your site is located - without this tidbit, you'll NEVER see any traffic!

checkmark  Install 5 must-have WordPress plugins - they keep your site safe, so don't skip this part.

And of course, no affiliate marketing lesson would be complete without a thorough review of exactly what to look for in an affiliate program. I cover all the basics, including commission percents, cookie quality, reputation, and a host of other details to consider. Do not sign up with any affiliate program before you read this section - it's critical to your ultimate success.

Plus, I even delve into other forms of earning, including CPA advertising - and why you should never place ads on your "money" pages.

This really is a full course on affiliate marketing from the ground up, and my reputation as a provider of great information resources backs that claim up. But if you find this report doesn't meet the needs of your business, you'll be glad to know about my...

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase of my report comes with comes with my no-risk, 100%, unconditional money-back, 30-day guarantee!

My special report will help you develop a comprehensive & profitable plan for your affiliate marketing business.

But if, at any time during the next 30 days, you don't feel it makes good on my promise, or helps you in any way, confidently ask for an instant refund.

Getting started in affiliate marketing is easy. Building a sustainable business is tough. With "Become an Instant Affiliate Marketer," you'll get exactly the information you need to make it work. No hype, no scams, just a solid plan you can start using immediately.

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I guarantee that once you read my guide and get started, you’ll be just as excited as I am about the potential of affiliate marketing. You’ll see how it can add a valuable revenue stream to your current business - or even become a complete business model itself!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

rayven perkins

Rayven Perkins

P.S. Don't forget, this report is backed by my personal guarantee - if you don't find it as helpful as I claimed - if you don't feel you've gained a better understanding of the topic and how it can work for you, simply shoot me an email, and I'll cheerfully refund your money. You have nothing to lose!

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