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Best Individual Health Insurance for Stay at Home Moms

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Individual Major Medical Insurance - Best Individual Health Insurance for Stay at Home Moms

save money on health insurance
Individual major medical insurance sounds scary, especially for stay at home moms.

But individual medical insurance coverage is a necessary evil in this day and age.

Learn about the best individual health insurance for your family, and how to obtain it.

As a stay at home mom, it's impossible not worry over your children's health.

In the beginning every bump and bruise no matter how big or small freaks us out!

The tears, the pain-it's just hard to see your little one in any kind of agony.

That's why health insurance is a must for your family.

Some stay at home moms are insured by their spouse's medical coverage which is great, but what if the premiums are really high?

Is there any way to have individual major medical insurance without it costing an arm and a leg?

The answer is yes, but you must put in the research time to discover individual medical insurance coverage that will work for you and your wallet.

The Health Care Reform Bill passed in May 2010 is being contested in many states and won't go into effect until at least 2014. For many families, finding individual major medical insurance is still important. One reason you may go in search of private insurance care is if your spouse isn't offered it any at work.

Another might be because some individual medical insurance coverage can be found at a cheaper premium than those offered by an employer. It certainly doesn't hurt to shop around!

A point to keep in mind when investigating major medical insurance is the area where you live. Some states just don't have very many insurance options so you are stuck with what you can get, while other states may have more choices. If that's the case where for your area, finding a private individual major medical insurance company may indeed be cheaper.

However, before you switch, think carefully. Some employee insurance coverage has options not offered by the private health insurance companies.

For example, medical insurance that is if offered by an employer doesn't require you to take a physical before providing coverage. They accept you regardless of your health. It also provides guaranteed renewability so your spouse's company can't have you dropped from coverage even if you become sick.

Should your spouse lose their job, another type of insurance called COBRA is offered. It will provide similar individual major medical insurance coverage for you and your family for 18 months though you will pay for it. Private insurance does not offer these options.

Besides choosing a private health insurance company, how else can you save money on individual major medical insurance? Investigate the option of increasing your out of pocket expenses.

If your family tends to not get sick very often and you don't foresee huge medical expenses in the future, you may want to consider choosing individual medical insurance coverage that has a larger co-pay or deductible. Lots of insurance companies have lower premiums for those who choose that route.

Be sure to check your spouse's health insurance coverage every year. Policies change and being aware of the specifics of your individual medical insurance coverage can help you spot things that will help save money. The open enrollment period that occurs each year is the time to investigate all the options offered and make changes.

Maintain a healthy life style. It makes good sense to do that anyway, but when you are considering saving money with individual major medical insurance, being safe and taking preventive measures to not get sick can keep expenses down.

In some policies, it can lower premiums. Ask your spouse if his company offers any programs that promote healthy life styles. If so, encourage him to join, as it can help save on your premiums and promote the importance of good health.

As always, do research on the different individual major medical insurance programs offered in your community. Take steps to keep your family safe and healthy. You never know just how those simple things will affect you financial future!

Do you have any tips on saving money on health insurance?

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