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In Home Show Party Games - Home Party Plan Games for Booking More Shows

In home show party games to play at direct sales home parties should be fun, entertaining, and have an ulterior gain more home party bookings. This list of home party plan games for stay at home mom businesses will help you do just that!

This list of home party plan games focuses on dating more parties, but if you are looking for other hostess party games to play at your next show, an index of over 100 party games for consultants can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Party Games for Consultants

I don't know about you, but I always get a little nervous when it comes time to ask partygoers to host a party at one of my direct sales home parties.
  • Yes, this is the backbone of our business.
  • Yes, hosting a party is a MAJOR benefit to the hostess.
  • Yes, this happens at every party and should be second nature.
  • party-games-for-consultants-01; balloons at a home interiors party But still, I have a small dating phobia.

    So, I do what I can to make it as painless (for me) as possible by playing in home show party games that focus on dating parties. There are three types of guests (generally) at a direct sales home party:
  • Those who are eagerly anticipating the moment when they get asked to date a party
  • Those who want to be "talked into" dating a party
  • Those who would rather drop dead than host a party
  • So by playing booking-centered in home show party games, my goal is to reward those in the first group, talk those in the second group into holding a party, and not bother the “drop dead” group.

    There are several different ways to play these types of in home show party games. Here are a few favorites:

    The Theme Book

    The absolute best party games for consultants interested in dating more shows is the party plan theme book. While not really direct sales games, per se, every direct sales distributor needs one of these self-created books for their direct sales home parties.

    The theme book is a 3-ring binder with colorful pages that describe the different shows you do. Parties such as auction parties, bridal showers, baby showers, the ever fun banana party, and more jump out at guests from among the attractive pages.

    Guests find a party they are interested in and book a show! It's that simple! Plus, guests who have fun at one of your themed shows will want to book one too, making it a highly profitable circle of events.

    Build Your Own Theme Book

    Create a Theme Party

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    Party Games for Consultants

    Games and Templates - these packages for party plan consultants contains 167 games and 64 templates to play at in home demonstrations.

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    Biz Binder Template Kit

    How organized are you? This Direct Sales Business Binder Template kit is filled with documents designed to keep your business on track.

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    Extra Incentive Games

    These in home show party games are sure to please! Everybody likes goodies, freebies, and exclusive items. They also like to take chances, and they like to win. So, I combine exclusive freebies with special offers for those willing to date a party. This really preys on a person's natural curiosity and fear of missing out on something. For this of the direct sales games, first, gather a dozen or so very nice product freebies or samples.

    party-games-for-consultants-02; direct sales home party guests participating in dating games These are not the typical goodies you give to all attendants, but the more exclusive items that guests will fight over. On each of these exclusive items, you attach a note. You can do this with ribbon, tape, rubber bands, safety pins, etc, depending on the item. On these notes you write the following:
  • (6) notes say "You've Won a Party!"
  • (2) notes say "Free Shipping on Your Purchase!"
  • (2) notes say "10% Off Your Order Tonight"
  • (1) note says "Try Again"
  • (1) note says "You've Won Free Product!"
  • As your party draws to a close, you hold up the prize ensemble and say something like the following:

    I bet you all want to know what this is, right? Well, this is your chance to win a prize valued at $15.00. Inside one of these notes is a winning ticket that will allow you to take home this item tonight, absolutely free! Inside other notes you could win free shipping on the order you place tonight, or 10% off your order. And best of all: inside half of these notes is a ticket that says you have won a Party!

    Please keep in mind, if you draw this note, this means that you need to book a party with me tonight to be held within the next 2-3 weeks. This game is totally optional. You do not have to play if you don't want to. I will start the prizes here and pass them around. If you win the free product, I will follow through on my end of the deal, so please, follow through on your end of the deal too. Don't take a note if you don't want to have a party!
    For these types of in home show party games, make sure you have the free product you are offering available immediately for your winner. This can be a discontinued item, or a small item from your catalog that you can get at a good discount.

    There are different ways to play these types of home party plan games, depending on which party plan company you are a representative of. Here are some ideas:
  • The Straw Game for Tupperware Consultants
  • The Rose Game for Candle Companies
  • Never fear if you aren't a Tupperware or candle rep. The beauty of in home show party games is that they can be altered as you see fit, to apply to all stay at home mom businesses! So take these ideas and run with them! Here are a couple more variations to these types of in home show party games:

    For this of the hostess party games, when each guest arrives, give them a penny and tell them to hold onto it for a game later in the evening. At the end of your show, tell guests about the penny. Let them know that they have three options:
  • They can keep the penny as your gift to them
  • They can redeem it for 1cent off their purchase
  • They can use it to buy a prize
  • Using the same format as above, place folded pieces of paper into a bowl. Guests willing to "chance" hosting a party may trade their penny for the opportunity to win a nice free product. Again, always make sure you clearly state the rules of the game before it starts.

    Another similar to the above in home show party games, the dice game will require you to bring to your party a pair of dice and (11) folded index cards numbered 2-12. Prepare the cards ahead of time with the following notations:
  • Card #2 says "Grand Prize"
  • Card #3, 4, 5, 12 say "Win a Prize"
  • Card #6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 say "Book a Show"
  • You will also need to bring several goody bags. You can have them available for guests to see, or in brown paper lunch bags so that guests may not see them. Again, place your nicer freebies in these bags.

    Follow the example script above. Guests who opt to play this of the in home show party games will roll the dice and they will get the coordinating index card for the number they roll. For example, if they roll a "6" and a "3" then they would get envelope #9. Guests who "Win a Prize" get one of the goody bags. The "Grand Prize" is your nicer $15 catalog item.

    party-games-for-consultants-03; guests at a home and garden party demonstration The key to being successful with these incentive party games for consultants is to book the show THAT NIGHT. Many guests will try and get wishy-washy on you when it comes to setting a date, so be clear before the game starts that they need to be thinking of the date they want.

    Also, make doubly sure your guests understand how to play this game! I once did a bridal shower and had over 40 guests. When it came time to play this game, despite the fact that I over emphasized that all those who took a favor should be willing to book a show, 38 guests played the game. Only two actually booked a show. The rest professed confusion. (Honestly, I think it was a matter of safety in numbers; their neighbor took a favor so they did too.)

    Since then, after the first guest takes a favor and wins a party, I make a big speech about when they are going to do their show, reminding the rest of the guests that I expect them to book TONIGHT.

    Other In Home Show Party Games

    Here are some more fun in home show party games for all stay at home mom businesses to play at your next direct sales home party show. Most of these direct sales games are simple reminders about having a party, but they do the trick in many cases! Great hostess party games to play in addition to your theme book.

    party-games-for-consultants-04; guests at a partylite party thinking about dating an in home demonstration SECRET WORD DIRECT SALES GAMES
    Here's fun icebreaker home party plan games! Print out a flier that says "The Secret Word is BOOKING" and place it face down under your display.

    Tell your hostess the secret word. As guests arrive, tell them that there is a secret word and the first guest to mention it to their hostess wins a prize. So, the first guest who asks the hostess if she has booked any parties, or asks about booking a party wins! Since the guest is talking about it, she is probably interested in booking a show!

    I love doing this of the in home show party games. It makes the hostess feel good and the guests get excited about booking their own direct sales home party. Bring your home party hostess to the front of the room where you are demoing your products and have her sit in a chair. Start piling on all the free items she is getting for having a party. Use your typical party total for reference, since her party is not closed out yet.

    For example, say, "With Patty's $400 party she will receive...." Go over everything and explain how she got it; the gift for dating a show, the gift for holding a show, items for having guests book shows, half price product, everything! Have another guest keep track of the retail value of all the gifts she is getting, and give you a grand total at the end. This of the in home show party games leaves your home party hostess beaming and your guests envious.

    This is simple little game of the in home show party games. Have each guest write the names of two friends, two relatives, two co-workers, two neighbors and two club members. Give a prize to the first person finished. After they are through, tell them their guest list is already made out for their party, so they might as well book it now!

    This is one of the great in home show party games because it requires your guests to pay attention to what you are saying if they want to win the prize! Read the following and award a prize to the person who comes closest to the right number of times a soap or cleaning product is named:

    Do you just DREFT along with the TIDE where you kitchen storage is concerned? VEL, now is the time to CHEER up. If you want real JOY the TREND is to stock your kitchen with marVELous storage units. You won't need to send out an S.O.S. when trying to pack everything in your kitchen, because it's certainly LESTOIL with our products.'ll BREEZE through the job as if you had the help of a 20 MULE TEAM! Why not DIAL your friends and ask them ALL to come over for a party. Remind them to come early so they will not have MIST the game when they arrive. By the way...DUZ your MISTER CLEAN up the kitchen for you sometimes? Well, he, too, will love our FABulous products!

    Read this at the end of your demonstration. The person with the most points wins! You may want to give a prize to the person with the least points as well, especially if they haven't won many of the previous in home show party games.
    party-games-for-consultants-05; home party hostess with booking gift
    I wonder who came here from afar,
    Give yourself 5 if you came by car.
    Were you on time? Not one minute late?
    Punctuality pays so give yourself 8.

    A watch is 6 and each ring is 2
    10 more points if your eyes are not blue.
    Score yourself 5 if you show any pink,
    But take away 10 if you left dishes in the sink.

    Count all of your buttons...each gives you 1
    Except if they are white and then you get none.
    For each bow that you have add on 2 (Note: shoelace bows count)
    But safety pins are taboo, so for each one you're wearing you must subtract 2.

    1 point for each year that you have been wed,
    But take away 5 if you have on red.
    Now sons are neat, on that we agree
    So for each one you have you now may add 3.

    But when adding up points, girls are worth more
    So for each one that you have go ahead and add 4.
    If you kissed your husband or boyfriend today, add 12
    but into your personal life we must delve...

    If you kissed them both you must subtract 20
    Because you're in trouble and trouble aplenty!
    Now that's all there so total your score
    Except if you're a special friend, there's one more.

    It's 50 points bonus for a V.I.P.
    If you'll be a hostess for a (COMPANY) party for me!

    party-games-for-consultants-06; hostess party games tips

    Those who are wishy-washy about their desire to host a party, or feel that they do not know enough guests to invite to a party will make the perfect attendees to your semi-annual mystery hostess party.

    What's your favorite game to play to involve your party hostess?

    tell us what you think

    More In Home Show Party Games:

    Do you like all these party games, but dread the thought of creating templates and editing them into a usable folder? Check out Party Games for Consultants and get your template and booklet kit. All the work done for you, instantly.

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