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How to Start a Website - Create Your Own Website Online

How to start a website. You've heard when you create your own website online with SiteBuildIt you can build a website that works. But what on earth should you use as your topic when you start a website business?

The truth is, you can turn any hobby, skill, or interest you currently have into a profitable content-based website.

What's Your Passion?

What are you passionate about in life? Think about your friends and family. What do they come to you for advice on? What topic could you drone on and on forever about, without coming up for air? Is there a particular topic that you would love to spend every waking hour thinking about? Could this topic be used to start a website business?

What's Your Hobby?

What do you love to do? When you have a little extra money or a little extra time, what do you spend it on? What are you particularly good at? What do you enjoy teaching others about? Perhaps this is the topic to learn how to start a website.

What's Your Skill-Set?

Do you have a particular set of skills that you have learned from your worklife? What have you spent your career studying? Is it something that excites you, and that you have the option of sharing with others? Are others looking for this information online? Maybe it's time to start a website business.

What's Your Interest?

Is there a new-to-you topic that you find interesting? Perhaps something that takes some effort that you just have been able to justify the time undertaking? Perhaps a new direction you see your life heading? Consider starting a website to help others learn the same topic, and chronicle your journey from beginner to expert.

how-to-start-a-website-01; 48 content based website ideas

What's Your Current Business?

Do you have a current business offline? Perhaps you have a home daycare, have invented a new product, or want to advertise your services as a massage therapist, and just need to learn how to start a website. If you have a current offline business, you need to have a SiteBuildIt web presence. Not only can you gain local traffic to your offline company, but you can interact with the world, broadening your reach, and offering different products.

48 Content-Based Website Ideas – And How to Monetize Them

Many people will go through this list of questions and still need a few more examples of what to write a website on. No problem. I have put together a great guide called, 48 Content-Based Website Ideas and How to Monetize Them to help you out. It's totally free, and in it you will find four-dozen ideas to get the gears in your head turning. You'll see that you really can create a website on any topic that you desire.

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What topic do you love that you'd love to create a website about?

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