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How to Squidoo

Create a Lens; Promote Your Biz

How to Squidoo

Have you heard about Squidoo yet? It's fairly new, but is taking internet searches by storm. It will allow you to promote your website, direct sales business, network marketing opportunity, or any other online business you have, for FREE. Actually, they will even pay you to advertise.

What Is Squidoo?

The first wave of the internet allowed users to type in what they were looking for, so that they could weed through information the search engines felt were relevant to the topic they were interested in.

boy with glasses disguise Then the search began. Users could spend hours looking through information before they found what they needed.

And what did most of the users really want? A real person, with real experience, telling them what they wanted to know. Then blogs came along.

Finally, viewers were able to connect to an actual human being. Viewers would follow specific blogs, identifying with the writers, and taking their recommendations to heart. But what about the users who are looking for information on one specific topic, who don't have a blog they follow religiously to help them with the topic?

Wouldn't it be nice if they could visit a sort of one page blog, a website really, that told them all about the topic they were interested in, with a real person making the recommendations? Enter Squidoo. Here you will find hundreds of thousands of mini one page websites that various users have created for exactly that purpose.

How It Works

So, how to Squidoo? You join Squidoo for free, and create what is called a lens. A lens is what they call the one page website you will build. You can create your lens in as little as 10 minutes. Simply follow the step by step, block by block instructions.

You do not need any knowledge of coding or html at all. You can also add pictures to your lens. Your lens can recommend books, music, and ebay items, among other things, pertaining to your topic. If viewers buy something you recommend, Squidoo will share the profits with you. They also share the profits of Google Adsense revenues.

Squidoo has a very high Alexa ranking, around 500. This is wonderful. Why? Because when you create a lens about your specific business, and you include a link to your website, this valuable backlink scores very high in search engine searches. Squidoo lenses also tend to rank very high in searches on their own, driving targeted, organic traffic to your primary business.

What to Create

Create a lens based on your business. For example, if you are a Pampered Chef consultant, maybe you can create a lens about the best recipes to use with stoneware.

Or you can create a lens about the business opportunity available with Pampered Chef. This will give customers and those interested in starting a business an easy way to find you.

Also, "How To" Squidoo lenses rank well. If you can talk about something like "How to Lose Weight" or "How to Get Your Children to Eat Vegetables", you will be on the right path.

Or promote a topic from your website. Lead viewers back to your site, or onto your affiliate programs for more complete information.

Have a site that sells children's toys? Write a lens on the importance of play.

The options are endless.

Don't have a business? Create a lens about a topic you enjoy.

Get your feet wet! Who knows, you might decide to turn your lens idea into a full blown website.

Lenses by Rayven Perkins

Here is a listing of the lenses I've created on Squidoo. Please stop by, give me a rating, leave a comment, link back to your lens.

  • Can You Be Successful in MLM?
  • Presenting a Party Plan In-Home Demonstration
  • Gestational Surrogacy

  • SquidooSecrets

    Bob the Teacher, a Squidoo Lensmaster, has created some information products on how to make the most of Squidoo. His site SquidooSecretsis free to join. He will email you valuable Squidoo tips every once in a while, designed to help you succeed with how to squidoo. I like his emails because they give you great ideas. My favorite part about being on this mailing list is that it reminds me to go work on my current lens!

    Bob the Teacher does sell more advanced Squidoo information products, which is of course his ultimate goal in giving you free information, but you do not have to buy any of it to get the basic tips for free. If you get on Squidoo and love it, and feel the need to go to the next level, then at this point I would suggest getting more information about his advanced programs.

    I hope this information on how to Squidoo is helpful to you. Let me know when you create a lens. I'll be happy to stop by and take a look!

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