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How to Sell eBooks Online - How to Sell an eBook for Stay at Home Mom Income

ebook marteting basics
How to sell eBooks online is not the easiest thing to do.

It takes work to build this sort of stay at home mom income!

But for those of use with an urge to write, how to sell an eBook becomes a critical part of our supplemental income process.

It has been said that writing a book is easy.

Marketing it is hard!

Unfortunately, this is very true, and everyone needs a little guidance on how to do it.

Traditional book publishing, self publishing, or ebook-they all have certain guidelines to follow.

On another page, the subject of writing an ebook is discussed.

On this page, we will learn how to sell ebooks online.

If you are thinking you can just throw a mini site together, stick your book up there and make money, think again!

Marketing is a lot of work and what is successful for one author, may not be the same for another.

The ebook Instant Book Writing Kit spends a considerable amount of time explaining how to sell an ebook. There are lots of options to consider such as getting testimonials from other writers about your book and listing yourself with search engines.

Instant Book Writing Kit suggests that writing articles about your topic, guest blogging, eZine advertising, and teaching a mini course are other ways to get the word out.

Learning how to sell ebooks online can be a challenge, but if you are interested in profiting from your book, then you can't ignore the marketing strategies listed in Instant Book Writing Kit.
rayven perkins

Rayven Recommends:
Instant Book Writing Kit

One of the best, most comprehensive resources I have ever had the pleasure to examine is Shawn Fawcett's Instant Book Writing Kit.

This is the resource I personally use when writing AND marketing my eBooks. It's 180 pages long! Shawn goes out of his way to make sure everything about writing, publishing, and marketing an eBook is covered so you have the tools you need to succeed.

If you are considering writing an eBook for profit, you absolutely NEED this guide.

Get Your Kit NOW

How to Sell eBooks Online - The eBook Cover

Even if you never intend to have your ebook available through print on demand, you will still need a great cover. It's been proven time and again that the cover of your book can influence whether or not a consumer will buy it.

This is especially important if you are writing an ebook since the buyer can't hold it in their hands. The cover should be eye catching, state your title, and hook the reader.

There are lots of websites that will allow you to design a cover for free or relatively inexpensively, but this is an area where free or cheap are not usually good things. A lot of those sites crank out simple, boring covers that don't interest consumers and won't make you money.

What's the answer to this problem? Hire a professional cover designer. They're worth the money and will create something based on your ideas and input.

You can find dozens of great cover designers online, but the Instant Book Writing Kit, as well as this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, suggests trying Vaughn Davidson at Killer Covers. He creates professional ebook covers for a variety of topics and promises a fast turn around.


Testimonials are how to sell ebooks online.

An author needs about 10 great testimonials that show how your ebook influenced someone else, how your tips were implemented by the person giving the testimonial and what it did for them.

Try getting testimonials from people already in the business your ebook is meant for.

If possible, ask them to include a picture. Pictures are a great way to make the testimonial connect with a potential buyer because it feels more personal. Once you have them, post these testimonials on your mini site as a way to entice consumers to buy your book.

Guest Blogging

Many authors blog but they don't always use it to their best advantage. When learning how to sell ebooks online, read the book A Step by Step Guide to Guest Blogging by Shelley Hitz.

This author has a series of books about marketing your book on a shoestring budget and all provide valuable insight on how to sell an ebook.

Guest blogging is kind of like going on tour, but you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home. Basically, you write short blog posts on other sites that relate to your ebook.

This is called a blog tour, and many authors use it as a successful marketing tool since it gets your ideas in front of a new audience.

guide to guest blogging Are you looking for an effective way to market your book or eBook?

Why not try Guest Blogging?

Shelley Hitz has put together the ultimate guide for all those interested in Guest Blogging.

If you are considering writing an eBook or book for profit, you need to check out this resource!

Step-by-Step Guide to Guest Blogging

A Step by Step Guide to Guest Blogging suggests you do the following things to prepare for a blog tour: schedule the tour, approach your target blogs, write your guest blogs and then be sure to follow through.

Make your blogs personable and appealing to the reader, and though you are promoting your ebook, don't be too heavy handed with it either. Nothing turns a reader off than feeling like you are shoving the ebook down their throats!

Content Website

Even though you have created a mini site to promote your book, you will also need a content website, a place where readers can go to learn more about you and connect with other readers.

Yes, this means you will have two websites. On another page, we discuss how to use SiteBuildIt (SBI) to create your content website.

Figuring out how to sell an ebook online can also include marketing yourself which is why it's important to have a separate content website. On your website you can provide links to other places, run contests, set up chat forums, and promote your ebook, too.

Clickbank Affiliates

Many people encounter a similar worry when learning how to sell an ebook: how do you get payments from people online? Simple. Use Clickbank to process your sales.

What else can Clickbank do for you financially? Plenty! They have lots of affiliates who can promote your mini site as long as the sales page is good. These affiliates will take a percentage of your profit, but they also have a wider reach than your little web page does. Just remember that some money is always better than none!

When it comes to deciding how to sell ebooks online, there are many resources available. We've only touched on a few in this article, but you don't want to forget about the importance of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Those are effective ways to get the word out about your ebook and to develop an online presence. Many of these tips are available in more detail on our page Marketing Your Book, or you can pick up a copy of the Instant Book Writing Kit-a must have for every author learning how to sell ebooks online.
How do you market your eBook online?

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