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How to Sell Books Online - How to Promote Your Book

create a website for your book
How to sell books online?

Learn how to build your book a content based website to attract the right buyers and learn how to promote your book.

A must for stay at home mom income for writers.
How to sell books online is a question many authors, new and established, ask themselves.

While there are many social media tactics you can take to promote yourself, the best way for a writer to connect with readers online is through the use of a website.

This is an absolute must for anyone trying to sell any kind of promotional product.

A mini site just isn't enough.

A content based website that works and sells your book is a "must have" no matter what your area of writing expertise is in.

As you learn how to promote your book, no doubt you will come across lots of author websites.

Some will be flashy, some will dazzle you, and some will just make you want to keep going.

Lots of them will appear to be a website, but are actually blogs.

Because so much attention is given to bloggers, writers tend to think that they must start a blog in order to keep up.

That's not necessarily the case.

Blogging vs. Website

Part of discovering how to sell books online is sorting out the myriad of myths out there. A prominent one right now is that blogging is more important than having a content based website.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts on a topic, but blogs tend to be cumbersome and hard to navigate through. Due to the RSS feed, a technology that allows visitors to subscribe to your blog and see when you have posted something new, blogs have become extremely popular.

Typically, the average reader will check out your post and then leave the site. They don't comment or look around. This means that your blog post must be engaging with clear points that you get across every time.

When people do Google searches, blogs don't pop up as often as websites do, an interesting point if your goal is to market and sell your book online!

So what is the solution then? Having a content website with an RSS feed. This way you get preferential treatment at the search engines, your site is more organized than a blog and its easier to find the information users are searching for, and they still have the option of following your new posts via RSS.

Here's more information on the necessity of a website over a blog.

Content Based Websites

All infopreneurs and authors need to have a content based website that is about the product they are selling. A website like this is designed for the consumer to understand who you are.

You must learn how to promote your book in a way that builds their trust. Provide lots of tips and information about your subject area, but don't give away the contents of your book.

It may feel like overkill, but part of learning how to sell books online is to saturate the reader with lots of free information so they understand your expertise and come back for more.

A big part of understanding how to sell books online is getting traffic to your site. Not only do you have to write good content material that keeps people interested in your website, but using keywords that help the search engines is crucial.

Keywords are words or a phrase that people type in to locate information. The search engine identifies those words and directs the user to sites who use them.

Again, you must really oversell your information in order for them to understand that you are an authority on the subject you are selling.

Do research on how to promote your book by observing the tactics of other authors doing what you are.

Finally, in order to understand how to sell books online and generate additional income, you must monetize the site. This means you will sell your products, as well as promote others in order to create a steady stream of income.

Now you've got a well-rounded income generating site!

For some authors, the realization that a content based website is a necessity in learning how to promote your book can be overwhelming. Where do you go to build a website? Won't it cost thousands of dollars? It doesn't have to!

Try using SiteBuildIt, aka SBI. This website builder provides an easy to use platform that allows you to set up your website without the hassle of hiring a web designer. Your site will be user friendly, easy to navigate, and will start to build traffic on the first day.

You can update your content with ease and pull your ideas into one cohesive unit. SBI also offers multiple ideas on ways to monetize your site, thus generating more income, too.

But what if you still want to blog? SBI doesn't make you choose. Once you've set up your content based website, you can also create a WordPress blog that will show on your site. Blogging can help your business, but only after you've set up your content based website!

There are lots of choices when it comes to figuring how to sell books online. Social media is an important tool to use when comes to marketing your product. But having a content based website for people to come to is an absolute must!

If you don't have a website, you sales will suffer.
What advice would you give to selling online?

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