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How to Make Greeting Cards

Online Printable Greeting Cards

Want to learn how to make greeting cards? It's easy with this online printable greeting cards system. Learn how to use the online greeting card maker to print current greeting cards. For those who wish to stay a stay at home mom.

how-to-make-greeting-cards-01; woman received current greeting cards Do you remember back in the good ole' days before the internet was in every home? Remember getting current greeting cards and birthday cards in the mail, and sending letters to pen pals?

Now everything is done via email. Quick, impersonal email, which takes no effort at all. Yet most people would still much rather get a real card in the mail than an email greeting. (Thus, how to make greeting cards.)

Why? Receiving a real card shows that the sender took the time and put some real thought into sending out a card. It shows that they really care.

But who has time anymore to go out to the store, buy a card, sit down and write it, then mail it? Or time to learn how to make greeting cards? Especially those of us who are a stay a stay at home mom, and have kids in tow. No, now-a-days, regrettably, it's just much easier to send email. Or is it? Enter online printable greeting cards.

How to Make Greeting Cards - Online Greeting Card Maker

What is the Greeting Card System? The Greeting Card System is an online greeting card maker. That means that you learn how to make greeting cards for someone at your computer, and that card is then printed and sent for you.
  • A real card
  • In your own handwriting
  • In a real envelope
  • With a real stamp
  • Mailed to anyone in the world
  • And the best part? The cards cost under a buck a card! (That's how to make greeting cards!) Cheaper than current greeting cards you buy in the store, and they are more personalized.
    how-to-make-greeting-cards-02; girl who got online printable greeting cards in the mail

    How to Make Greeting Cards - Step-by-Step

    Using the Greeting Card System, let's talk about how to make greeting cards. How to make greeting cards is really quite easy.

    The system is for online printable greeting cards and you don't need to download anything. This means that you can use the system from any computer, anywhere, sending cards out on vacation if you wish. And they mail the cards for you; you do NOT print them on your home computer.

    You simply log into the system, choose the person you wish to send a card to, pick out a card from over 10,000 cards or create one yourself, and hit send. That's it! You've just mastered how to make greeting cards! You can use the online greeting card maker to send a card as soon as you've thought of it, and in less time than it takes to get the kids ready to leave the house, you've already mailed it.
    The thoughtful touch meets time saving automization.
    Add Pictures
    With the online greeting card maker, you can add in pictures of you and your family to your cards (still costs less than a buck). How to make greeting cards? You have the ability to create online printable greeting cards yourself, customizing them with several pictures, and the text you desire.

    Your Own Handwriting
    There are several fonts and colors for you to choose from when creating your online printable greeting cards. As you learn how to make greeting cards, you will find that you can use your own handwriting as a special font. Plus, you can store several signatures to use if your card is coming from you, from the kids, or from your whole family.

    Gift Cards and Gifts
    You also have the ability to send out gifts or gift cards with your online greeting card maker, how to make greeting cards. This makes birthdays and holidays easy! Send out a bath and body set to mom for Mother's Day; a gift card to Barnes & Noble to dad for Father's Day, or a box of chocolate brownies to Aunt Sue for her birthday. All within the online greeting card maker.

    Contact Manager
    How to make greeting cards: All your contacts, those you send cards to, are stored in the online greeting card maker. You can see all the current greeting cards you are sending and those you have sent in the past. You can also organize your contacts into sections if you wish. Put your family members in one place, your friends in another, the contacts you made at your daughter's ballet class in another, and so on.

    I used to be notoriously bad about sending out cards to people, especially thank you cards. It took me literally 9 months to send out thank you cards to the guests at my wedding, and I only finally sent them because my new mother-in-law flew 2,000 miles to visit and made me do it!

    Now the Greeting Card System emails me when a birthday or anniversary is coming up, and within a couple minutes I have sent out my cards! (How to make greeting cards great!) My mother and mother-in-law, who were on the verge of disowning me due to my poor card sending habits (they are major card people while I, unfortunately, am not) are happy! Not only do they get birthday and thank you cards now, but they have pictures of the kids in them too!

    Everyone Needs a Card

    There are two types of people in this world:
  • Those who like getting greeting cards
  • Those whose lives change when they get greeting cards
  • Most of us are in the first group. We like getting a real greeting card in the mail. It makes us smile. It reminds us of the person who sent it, and may prompt us to contact them.

    But for those who are in the second group, receiving a thoughtful card in the mail can brighten their day, week, month or even year. It can make them cry. It reminds them that they are loved.

    Someone in your life, probably a lot of someones, falls into that second group. Maybe it's an elderly aunt that lives alone. Maybe it's another stay at home mom who is often overwhelmed. Maybe it's an old friend from high school that you've lost touch with. Maybe it's your mom, or sister.

    With the Greeting Card System, the online printable greeting cards system, it doesn't take but a minute or two to send out a card and remind them that you love them. A minute or two of your time, once a month or so, can totally change the life of someone you love. How to make greeting cards change someone's life.

    rayven perkins

    Rayven Says:

    Since I started using this system, and learned how to make greeting cards, I've been sending my aunt cards once in a while. She's my mother's sister, and lives down the street from her.

    Her children are also grown, live hundreds of miles away, and usually don't even call on Mother's Day or her birthday. So I started out sending her cards on her birthday, and yes, even though she's not my mother, on Mother's Day.

    Now, you have to understand, my aunt is kinda a gruff person. She's not overly sentimental, and isn't one who goes overboard on telling others that she loves them and that kind of thing. But she liked the cards. She would show them to my mom and kinda brag about them, happy that her niece loved her enough to send her a card.

    It's gotten to the point now where about once a month I just send her something. Usually its a card only, but sometimes I'll include a box of cookies, or a $5 gift card to Starbucks for her to get a coffee. She loves this. She sends me emails thanking me, and telling me that she loves me, which is unheard of for her. And she continues to brag to my mom, which for someone who doesn't show emotion well is proof of how they affect her.

    This is just a special way that I know I am changing a life. It might seem small, but doing this has brought us closer. All by a simple greeting card.

    When to Send Out Cards

    In addition to sending online printable greeting cards for the typical instances such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas, there are many other reasons to learn how to make greeting cards to send to your family and friends throughout the year.

    Yes, you can create your own Christmas cards and with the push of a button send them instantaneously to each person on your list. But this system offers so much more!

    how-to-make-greeting-cards-03; online greeting card maker Thank You Cards
    Think about this: send Grandma a thank you card for the birthday gift she sent your son. You can include a picture of him opening the gift, and have the card signed by your son!

    Birth Announcements
    When there is a new baby in your family, it's easy to create a card with baby's first picture and send it to everyone you know. You can literally do this in the hospital while the baby is taking her first nap.

    Family Newsletters
    We travel frequently, so I have all my extended family set up on a campaign in my contact manager. I take pictures of our travels and send out a card to everyone in the family about once a month, showing them the terrific places we've gone and interesting things we've done. They're watching the kids grow up through the mail! Better than an email, my mom brings her cards to work and sits them on her desk while my sister hangs hers on her fireplace mantle.

    One Card a Day
    And remember about changing someone's life by sending them a card? By taking five minutes a day, while you are opening your morning email, you can send someone, anyone you know, just one person, one card, every day. You send out a card, and it brightens someone else's day. When was the last time you showed someone you were thinking of them?

    More Information

    I hope you have enjoyed this information on how to make greeting cards. I'd love to have my associate, Heather, get in contact with you to answer all your questions. Please fill out the following form and Heather will contact you to set up a time to walk you through the system and answer any questions you might have.

    Please note, the online greeting card maker is only available to those in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore.


    More Information About the Greeting Card System

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