How to Become an Author via Traditional Publishing

Book Publishing Guidelines for Stay at Home Mom Income

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How to Become an Author via Traditional Publishing - Book Publishing Guidelines for Stay at Home Mom Income

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How to become an author is a question many moms ask themselves as they are contemplating stay at home mom income by writing a traditional book.

Learn the book publishing guidelines for traditional publishing, and see if this option is right for you.

Imagine this: You are a stay at home mom who has been slaving away over your first novel.

It's been polished and edited within an inch of its life.

Now, like a mother letting their child out into the world alone for the first time, it's time to send the manuscript on its way to sink or swim.

Where do you send it?

How do the pages get from your hands and into the exciting covers of the books you've seen on the bookstore shelves?

If you want to learn how to become an author, it's time to think about your publishing options.

It used to be that publishing was only a one way street with strict book publishing guidelines.

As a writer, you had to go down this narrow path in order to succeed.

With the advent of the internet and the courageousness of the small press, publishing now has many roads available for someone wanting to learn how to become an author.

That being said, traditional publishing is still a popular avenue that all those wanting to learn how to become an author should know about.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing refers to an author signing a contract with a big publishing house, usually located in New York. Typically, the author is paid a small advance.

The publishing house then takes the book and turns it over to their crew of editors who once again polish it up. Once that step is done, the book is then sent to marketing and a publicity campaign is laid out.

It sounds simple, but for stay at home moms wanting to know how to become an author, you have to understand that the whole process takes about a year, sometimes more, before the book ever sees the inside of a bookstore.

Traditional publishing is what most people think of who haven't researched other publishing options. One of the reasons writers try to go that route is because of all the big name writers out there who have made money following the "old school" book publishing guidelines-think Stephen King or Nora Roberts.

A big benefit of traditional publishing is that larger publishing houses can afford to help you promote your book, thus bringing it more notoriety and prestige. Another important advantage of using a big publishing house is that their distribution of sales is much larger than that of the small press.

But for those stay at home moms wanting to know how to become an author, the dark side of traditional publishing must be brought up. For one thing, the competition is fierce, so fierce that most big publishing houses won't even consider a manuscript unless the author has an agent.

Getting an agent to represent you isn't easy either! They are swamped by hundreds of query letters from writers every day wanting representation. This is why the editing and polishing process of writing is so crucial.

Most agents put out book publishing guidelines on their websites indicating what they are looking for so be sure to check those out before sending your manuscript. Whether you submit directly to a publisher or try to get an agent, both are time consuming processes and require patience as you wait to hear back.

Marketing You Book

When learning how to become an author, it is important to understand the role marketing plays in selling your book. It used to be that a traditional publishing house would do all the marketing for a writer and all the writer had to do was show up and sign autographs at bookstores.

Times have definitely changed! Authors who publish through a small press or independently are solely responsible for creating buzz about their book.

Book publishing guidelines dictate that more and more the author represented by a traditional publishing house has to play a bigger role in the marketing process.

Because of the economy, publishers can't afford to throw money around on promotion, and they expect new authors to take that responsibility on themselves. This is something the first time author needs to be prepared for since promotion takes time and money.

It also doesn't hurt to have a great personal website or an active blog with lots of followers to promote to. There are some resources available to help you determine which publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts and how to market your novel. A good place to look is in the Writer's Market directory.

You can find those at any book store along with directories for agents. The eBook 25 Ways to Write for Money by David Goldsmith has some great tips on not only how to write in general, but also on how to break into the publishing business.

rayven perkins

Rayven Recommends:
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25 Ways to Write for Money

The traditional publishing path may appear daunting, but don't be afraid to explore it. You never know. Your manuscript might be the next break out novel!

What tips can you give to get published?

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