Frugal House Cleaning Tips

Save money and make your own homemade cleaning solutions.

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Frugal House Cleaning Tips - How to Reduce House Cleaning Costs

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Frugal house cleaning tips can end up saving your family a bucketful of cash. Learn how to keep house cleaning costs low by making homemade cleaning solutions and homemade cleansers, and following these practical tips for making a clean sweep of savings.

House cleaning chores are really not my favorite part of being a stay at home mom.

In fact, the only bright part of cleaning (to me) is saving money while cleaning.

I'm going to share with you my favorite ways to save money while keeping clean.

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Save at the Store

One of the best ways to reduce house cleaning costs is by using coupons and refunds. By matching store sales with coupons, it is possible to save 20-90% off your cleaning supplies, and often get cleaners, especially products new to the market, totally free! When this happens, for obvious reasons you'll want to stock up. Manufacturers also often offer free samples in-store or by mail for new products.

Another one of my frugal house cleaning tips is to buy off-brand. Many generic products are just as good as their more expensive, heavily advertised counterparts. I love the magic erasers, but the dollar store brand work just as well. In fact, you should spend some time looking over the cleaning products at your local dollar store; try them out. The gamble is pretty low if the products do not meet your standards.

Make Homemade Cleaning Solutions

My favorite way to save money on housecleaning is to make my own homemade cleaning solutions, especially laundry soap. Not only am I able to save significant cash with homemade cleansers, but I know what ingredients are in my cleaners. I'm one of a growing group of moms that is concerned with the environmental quality of our homes. I'm just not sure about the long term effects of all those detergents and chemicals, and am learning to choose alternative, usually cheaper, options.

I've made some videos and put together step by step instructions on how to make the following homemade cleansers:
  • Make Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener
  • Household Cleaner Recipes
  • Make General All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Make Dish Soap
  • Make Homemade Glass Cleaner
  • Make Fake Febreeze
  • You can also get creative and repurpose some of the other cleaners you use in your home. For example, windshield wiper fluid can make an inexpensive window cleaner, and a couple denture cleaning tablets can do wonders for a toilet bowl.
    house-cleaning-tips-02; clothes hanging on a clothes line

    House Cleaning Tips - Hang Out

    If you're willing to put a little elbow grease into your cleaning savings, then consider putting your laundry out to line dry. Not only will this save you money on your energy bill by reducing the need for your dryer (and your a/c), but the sun acts as a natural bleach. Washing your clothes in cold water can help preserve the integrity of the fabric and will save you energy. And make sure you buy easy to care for fabrics that don't require the extra cost of dry cleaning.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Purge disposables from your household's diet. Stop using paper towels to aid in housecleaning; try these frugal house cleaning tips. Make rags out of old t-shirts or bath towels, or buy washable microfiber cloths at your dollar store. Many families spend $100 a year or more on paper towels for cleaning mirrors and countertops!

    You can also use washable microfiber cloths to refill your Swiffer, or even used dryer sheets. This will cut down on expensive refills. And buy washable mops instead of disposable ones.

    Plastic grocery bags can be used as trash can liners in the bathroom, or as trash bags in your car. In our RV, we use a small rack to hold recycled grocery bags up as a trash can.

    One of the reasons we live in an RV is to reduce our living space. When you live in a smaller space it is much more difficult to acquire clutter. Cutting back on clutter will save you time and money.

    House Cleaning Tips - Simplify Your Supplies

    Have you seen the cleaning supplies aisle at your local store? There are hundreds of products to choose from; toilet cleaners, sink cleaners, floor cleaners, cabinet cleaners. Simplify. Have a good all-purpose cleaner and a glass cleaner, and buy specialty cleaners only if your all-purpose cleaner won't cut it.

    Having a few general supplies around the house like baking soda and vinegar can go a long way towards keeping your home frugally clean. And something as simple as dish soap can be used to clean the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as carpet stains and laundry stains. (I've gotten spaghetti sauce out of clothes by putting a few drops of dish soap on the stain, scrubbing it in, then tossing it in the washer.)

    Avoid products that are concentrated. It's easy to use too much when you're accustomed to using more of the less concentrated version. And read the instructions! Often, in our hurry to get a job done quickly, we moms use more cleaner than is needed.

    House Cleaning Tips - Get Steamed Up!

    When it comes to saving house cleaning costs on carpet cleaning, there are a few house cleaning tips that will save you some steam. First, make sure you are on email notifications for your local Groupon or other deal site. Carpet cleaning services - at huge discounts - are offered on a regular basis.

    But if it's cheaper to do it yourself, consider renting a unit with a friend. This can cut the costs of steam cleaning in half. You could take this one step further and purchase a carpet cleaner with local family and friends, taking turns on using it. Or borrow one from a neighbor who has one (bring them a nice dessert in trade, or offer to babysit to return the favor.)

    Above all else, make sure you take care of your carpet. Treat stains and spots as soon as they occur, and invest in door mats to reduce tracking in dirt. If your carpet is brand new, you may consider borrowing the Japanese custom of not wearing shoes in the house. Piling them neatly in the doorway will help your guests understand your unspoken rule.

    Get a Maid

    Finally, on this list of frugal house cleaning tips is the concept of hiring a maid. Now, that might seem a little silly to most frugal families, but there is one situation where it could be financially advantageous to bring in outside help. If you are a work-at-home mom and you could make more money working during the time that it takes to clean your home than it takes to hire a service to do it, then it makes financial sense to hire help.

    This is, of course, assuming you'd actually work at money producing activities while your cleaning service was cleaning. Otherwise, it doesn't save you any money at all! But if you do decide to hire help, there are a few ways to trim this outsourcing bill.

    First, ask your service if they offer any referral discount or bonus. If you know a lot of other moms that could use a break in your area, you could get a few week's cleaning free by recommending them. Next, get on your service's on-call list for last minute jobs. Sometimes the service experiences last-minute cancellations and will offer a substantial discount for a replacement. Also, offer to be the "training home" for new employees of the service. They usually offer discounts to those willing to overhear training.

    The final tip I have for those moms who are better off hiring help: have the kids do it. When I was 13, my mom took a very time consuming job, working 10-13 hour days 6 days a week. They paid me $35 a week (a fortune in those days!) to do all the cooking, the dishes, the laundry, the ironing, and the general housekeeping for our family of four. I even planned our meals and went with my mom grocery shopping on her day off. Not only was this a very lucrative money making opportunity for me, it was an incredibly valuable life-lesson.

    Sneak Peak at Next Week

    Like this section on frugal house cleaning tips? Next week we'll talk about how to save money on personal products and toiletries. We'll go over how to make shampoo and toothpaste, how to get discounts on buying makeup and cleansers, and more.

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    How Much Will These Frugal House Cleaning Tips Save You?

    I'd love to hear how you are coming with your frugal and free challenge.

    What are some ways you save money on housecleaning?

    tell us what you think

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