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Hot Selling eBay Items - Selling Stuff on eBay

what to sell on ebay
Hot selling eBay items are something to think about for those who want to start selling stuff on eBay for stay at home mom income.

Learn how to find stuff to sell.

Are you finding your house is becoming more cluttered than a war zone?

Having trouble remembering why you bought certain items in the first place?

In all probability you might have hot selling eBay items just waiting to be auctioned off.

Talk about a great way to pad your wallet with extra income!

Selling stuff on eBay is a common way for a stay at home mom to help bring in supplemental income.

If you've already set up an eBay account, then you're ready for the next step!

Clean Out Your House

Don't panic!

Cleaning the house is never fun, but perhaps you'll find it more rewarding if you keep in mind that there might be some profit by the time you’ve finished.

Many hot selling eBay items come from the basic necessities you've been storing in your home like old clothes, books, and jewelry.

Instead of putting these things aside for a garage sale, list them on eBay.

Starting with these small things is a great way to get experience using the site and learning how it all works.

Garage Sales/Estate sales

Another way to gain practice is by going to garage sales and buying a few inexpensive things. Take these items and list them on eBay. That ugly little frog with the designer label, the blue china cup with a brand name -you'd be surprised at how much they are valued at!

Something you paid $2 for at a rummage sale could go for $20 on eBay. The trick is to describe it well, post a photograph of the item, and to have something that others want. The more you practice this method, the more comfortable you will become about selling stuff on eBay.

Costumes and Etsy

Costumes are not just for Halloween. People wear them year round for various events like Civil War re-enactments, theatrical productions, or festivals.

Places like the Disney Store stock princess theme costumes all the time and make top dollar on them. They also tend to have great sales in early November when many of their Halloween costumes sell at reduced prices.

If you have the money and space, buy as many of these clearanced costumes as you can, store them until right before the following Halloween, and then sell them on eBay.

These hot selling eBay items will go for full store price! Instead of throwing your son/daughter's old costumes or dress up clothes away if they are still in good condition, consider listing them on eBay.

If you are a seamstress who can make cute costumes, especially for kids, eBay could be a great option for selling them. Pirates, cheerleader costumes, creepy monsters -let your creativity soar when it comes to costume creation for kids.

Keep in mind that September and October are prime months for these hot selling eBay items.

Selling stuff on eBay is fairly simple, but here's a tip if you have more handcrafted items: Check out Etsy. Etsy is similar to eBay, but focuses on selling crafts and handmade items. Menstrual cloth pads, cloth diapers, receiving blankets, even simple Amish clothing -these are all things that sell on eBay, but could also be placed on Etsy.


We've all heard of this handy little website, but did you know that some people have no idea of the value of what they are getting rid of? Patrol this site and see if you can find a few things to purchase inexpensively which could become hot selling eBay items. Craigslist is also a great alternative if you have something to sell that is too big for eBay.

Storage Units

Yes, believe it or not you can make money off of storage units -more specifically the things people leave inside them. Many people selling stuff on ebay have come by their items in this way. Learn more about this kind of unique opportunity here.

Shopping Deals

Free is always good! And when you can make it work to your benefit, it's even better.

Ever got a great deal at Victoria Secret or Bath and Body that came with a free bottle of lotion or perfume? Hold on to that stuff and resell it on eBay!

Many hot selling eBay items are things you can get in a buy one, get one free deal. Be alert to these opportunities and be ready to move quickly on them. Even the items you may consider a little strange have the power to sell well on eBay, so always do some research before letting a bargain pass you by.

Some people are really into clipping coupons and get lots of free things that way (myself included). Many of those free items are things they may never use though.

If you fall into that category and have a stockpile of free items, one way to make a profit on them is by reselling them on eBay. Even the most mundane things -toothpaste, razors, pregnancy tests- can find a home there.

A great resource for a newbie to the world of eBay is the book 91 Common Everyday Items that Bring Huge Profits on eBay by Scott Foster. Offered here as a free download, this fascinating book supplies insight into some hot selling eBay items.

FREE 91 Common Everyday Items that Bring Huge Profits on eBay

By researching common things around the house and examining closed auctions on eBay, Mr. Foster helps a newcomer get up and running. This is a free resource you don't want to miss!

Finally, if you really are considering going "pro" with selling stuff on ebay, then you'll want to learn about Wholesale/Dropshipping. This is an alternative way to making money with hot selling ebay items. In this scenario, you get to act as the middle man.
What are some hot selling items you've found?

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