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Homeschool for Free - Save Money on Homeschool Expenses

homeschool for free
Homeschool for free? Is it possible? Stay at home moms into tightwad living will tell you it is. Learn about free homeschool materials, and how to give your children a quality education without breaking the bank.

We all want the best education possible for our children. For lots of parents, that means enrolling their son or daughter in a private school. However, this option can be very expensive and hard on the family budget.

Another possibility would be public education.

While there are lots of great public schools out there providing quality education for free, some parents feel that over-crowded classrooms prevent students from learning at their full potential.

Because of this, many stay at home moms turn to homeschooling as a means of educating their children.

Homeschooling refers to the process of teaching your children at home all the same things they would be learning in a public or private education environment. The big difference is that they are not in a traditional classroom and you, the parent, are responsible for teaching them about all the core subjects, such as reading, writing, and math.

For some parents this is a daunting task, but for many stay at home moms it's an opportunity to connect with your child and make sure they are learning all the things they need to make them into strong, thoughtful adults.

If you research the possibility of homeschooling your child, you'll notice that there are all kinds of lesson plans on the internet to choose from. Some come with a pricey tag, but if you are into frugal living, it is possible to homeschool for free. You just to have do a little research and be willing to put in some extra time on your children's educational needs. With the right mindset, you can find free homeschool materials to get you started.

Homeschool Pros and Cons

Before you can homeschool for free, it's important to look at aspects of the venture.

Just because it sounds like a good thing, doesn't mean it is.

No matter how many free homeschool materials you obtain, it won't matter if teaching your children isn't something you are committed to.

So what are the pros? What will you and your child gain?

The Pros:
  • A unique chance to learn new things together.
  • No unexpected costs for supplies or materials. You can get many of the things needed to homeschool for free if you do a little research.
  • Your child will receive one-on-one teaching, a rarity in public schools.
  • Your child will be free of some of the more difficult aspects of childhood socialization such as bullying or "mean" girl behavior.
  • Because you aren’t bound to a certain curriculum, you can add a variety of topics into your lessons.
  • The cons:
  • Homeschooling means the parents have to do lots of research in order to ensure their child is learning.
  • You have to be willing to provide different kinds of opportunities for learning.
  • You have to search the internet in order to find free homeschool materials.

  • Keeping it Frugal

    So if you've decided that you can handle the demands of homeschooling then you need to gather your supplies. Yes, you can buy them at any teacher supply store, but why do that when you can homeschool for free?

    Free Websites
    All you need to do is Google different subjects, and you will find lots of websites that offer lesson plans to help you. Some will offer downloadable worksheets or allow you to take virtual tours of different famous landmarks. Many will provide curriculum suggestions for your state and guidelines. Some states even provide free homeschool materials.

    Discounted Supplies
    But what about the other things like pencils, papers, erasers, and crayons? Many retail stores offer discounts for teachers, including homeschool teachers. The trick is to prove you are doing what you say you are in order to homeschool for free or, at least, cheap.

    You can create a teacher badge for yourself to show to places like Barnes and Noble who offer great teacher discounts. You can also get cheap or free homeschool materials from places like Office Depot, Kinko's, or Staples with your badge.

    These discounts can really help save money on those basic supplies you always run out of! But be sure to read the fine print. They don't offer a discount on everything in the store!

    Network with Parents
    Do you know other parents who homeschool? If the answer is yes, then consider helping each other out by borrowing materials, especially text books. You'd be surprised at the abundance of free homeschool materials one can accumulate this way.

    Hit the Books
    Another good way to homeschool for free would be to take advantage of your local library. Invest in a library card and check out all the books allowed on whatever subject area you need.

    Recycled Public School Books
    Do you have friends who teach in public schools? Pay attention to when their textbooks are replaced. Often, they'll give away the old text books which will just get thrown out otherwise.

    With a little planning and perseverance, the homeschool for free option may be a perfect fit for your family and your budget.
    What are some tips you have to homeschool for free?

    tell us what you think

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