Homemade Febreeze

A frugal recipe for making fake Febreze.

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Homemade Febreeze – A Frugal Recipe for Fake Febreze

Homemade Febreeze is very easy to make! This frugal recipe to make your own fake Febreze will have you excited about savings! Part of the Save Money Tips and Recipes section.

I first discovered Febreeze when I was 19 years old. I was pretty frugal even back then! I worked at the mall, and would spend my lunch hour walking around, looking at clearance sales.

One day I discovered a market research firm inside the mall. Over time, I participated in several product trials, and one day, they offered me the opportunity to try out a new product at my home called Febreeze.

At the time, I lived with a roommate who smoked (on the patio, but the stale smell still worked its way inside), so I was eager to try it! And it worked on that stale cigarette smell. I was in love, and have been ever since!

Frugal Recipe for Homemade Febreeze

To make the process super easy, I've put together a video on how to make Fake Febreze. Before you know it, your house will be smelling like your favorite fabric softener, just like on laundry day.

Febreeze is a fantastic invention, but it sure costs a lot! The last bottle I bought cost me over $5!

But with two kids and two cats, it is a product I can't live without.

So I've been using this recipe to refill my old bottle for pennies on the dollar.

It's incredibly simple. You'll need:
  • 1/4c liquid fabric softener - I literally bought the cheapest one I could find at Walmart
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 cups hot water
  • Mix the ingredients in a large bowl. Make sure the baking soda is dissolved.

    Funnel into an old Febreeze bottle and shake. Yes, it really is that easy!

    It's a good idea to shake it right before you use it. Your home will smell like fresh laundry.

    There are many different ways to use homemade Febreeze in your home. Here are a few popular uses:
  • Freshen your drapes with fake Febreze
  • Make your bathroom laundry fresh by spraying shower curtains, decorative bath towels, or toilet seat covers between washes (or the used bath towels your husband throws on the floor)
  • Spray your kids sports equipment
  • Keep a bottle in your car to make the seats and rugs more pleasant
  • Refresh your sofas and ottomans
  • Here's a good one: Kids Sneakers
  • Make the closets smell laundry fresh
  • Spray your pillows when you’re washing the cases, or the comforter when you're washing the cover
  • Get rid of stale 2nd hand cigarette smoke smell when you’re visiting a smoking friend or relative
  • Spritz a purse or backpack
  • Laundry hampers ('nuff said)
  • Refresh jackets and coats
  • Spray down area rugs
  • Freshen up near your pet's favorite spots (litter box, bed, etc)
  • What do you use homemade Febreeze on in your home?

    tell us what you think

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