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Groupon Explained - Plus Other Daily Deal Coupons

get your group-on
Groupon your favorite of the daily web deals?

Did you know there are many daily deal coupons out there?

Learn about the best places to go for deals as a stay at home mom, and find out how these deal sites work.

Everyone is taking advantage of daily web deals today.

As prices on everything from tomatoes to gasoline skyrocket and budgets shrink, you have to find ways to trim away excess if you want to survive.

Using a daily deal coupon for major purchases and entertainment is the modern way of trimming the fat out of the budget without sacrificing fun and excitement that you deserve in life.

The problem is many people aren't sure how daily web deals work.

It isn't very difficult to find them today since some of the best sites are heavily advertised, but learning how each system works can be complicated and time consuming.

That is where I come in to help you along.

I have collected a list of reputable sites where you can get one type of daily deal coupon or another.

The first thing you have to understand is that a daily deal coupon is not redeemable for cash.

You can use these coupons or vouchers to get discounts on the website, but they are not worth actual cash in your pocket. The idea behind daily web deals is to get substantial discounts on products and entertainment opportunities, so let's get to my list. I will tell you how each system works so you can get started finding the deals right away.
The following video is our family using a Groupon that we purchased at African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio. We had a blast! And didn't get eaten:


This is the website that most people hear of first, since it is incredibly popular today.

Turns out it is popular for good reasons: they offer excellent customer service and tons of offers no matter where you live.

You sign up for your free accountand are presented with a deal of the day.

Every day you will get a Groupon email presenting the deal of the day specific to your location.

There are tons of locations listed on the site, so most people find they are represented with at least one location option. If you want to participate in the deal you simply go to the site, log into your account, and buy into it.

The only catch here is that a certain number of people have to sign up for each deal or no one gets it at all. This is because Groupon promises businesses a certain number of customers as enticement to get them to give these substantial savings through the daily deal coupon.

I like Groupon best because they have speedy customer service and will make things right if a business doesn't live up to their end of the deal. I personally had to return a Groupon deal because of a bad company and within minutes I was refunded and all was right with my budget.

For an example of the great companies that give deals on Groupon, there was a very popular Amazon deal offered nationwide. I've gotten deals at Old Navy and Bath and Body Works as well. There are guaranteed to be businesses you use popping up there so it's worth looking at their emails daily.

You can even change your location if you want to find deals in places you will be visiting or in more than one listed location that is near your home. Or, you can take advantage of online deals no matter what location they may be listed under.

I use Group-on at least once a week and save tons of money while entertaining and caring for my family. That is what daily web deals are all about!

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This is a Facebook app that sends you daily deals for local restaurants and businesses. It is sort of like Groupon, but not as well developed.

You can go into the left column and click "more deals" to get more than what is found in your daily email. This isn't something I use as often as Groupon, but I have found some good deals.

They also have a referral program that gives you $5 every time someone clicks your referral link. This option is under "Deal Bucks" on the My account page.

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Any Lucky Day

If you're a night owl, this newer site may be of interest to you. Rather than offering steep discounts on products or services they host daily contests where you can win something from a business. They post a new contest at midnight (EST) and you have until noon the next day to take advantage.

Rather than purchasing a daily deal coupon you visit the businesses website then post a comment to the deal. How you "win" is different for each contest so you have to read the contest carefully when it is posted. Winners are announced at noon, so essentially each contest lasts 12 hours. You don't have to spend anything and you might win something, so it might be worth checking out.

Check Out Any Lucky Day

City Deals

This is a massive site that takes some time if you really want to explore it completely. You can select your city and specify a distance in miles away from which you want to consider offers. This usually delivers a huge list with hundreds of offers from retail stores, hotels and other travel businesses, salons, restaurants, and entertainment businesses.

You can find a lot of half off deals here, but be prepared to dig through the list to find active deals you can use. You can request to be notified when specific deals become available again if they are currently closed.

Sign Up for City Deals

There are more daily web deals! Simply click here to go to page two on Daily Deal Coupons.

What has been your favorite Group-on or daily deal coupon experience?

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