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Use Coupon Grocery Savings and Get Money Back.

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Grocery Rebates - Use Coupon Grocery Savings and Get Money Back

how rebates and refunds work
Grocery rebates and refund offers are common.

Learn how to use coupon grocery savings and get free products.

Find printable rebate forms online, in your Sunday paper, or at your store to save big.

You may think you can't get "something for nothing" in this world.

However, in this competitive consumer market, many companies are out to prove you wrong, offering coupon grocery savings in hopes to gain a loyal shopper along the way.

The concept of buying a specific product and then receiving a full or partial refund for your purchase by sending a receipt into the manufacturer has been around for a long time.

Grocery rebates and refund programs are growing more and more popular, and if you are willing to put in a few hours a month and wait a few weeks for your rebates and refunds payoff, you could save your family hundreds of dollars a year.�

In fact, if you have a keen eye for combining coupon grocery savings with rebates, you can even make a few bucks each month!

A quick note: the terms rebates and refunds are essentially the same.

Rebates and refunds can be used interchangeably.

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Coupon Links

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Our personal favorite is the IT'S ALL FREE deals list! Every week we update these lists with the current sales and coupons available so be sure to bookmark the pages on your computer for easy access every week!

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How Can Grocery Rebates Really Help Me Save Money?

If you are very brand-loyal and don�t like trying new items when it comes to household products, toiletries, etc., then grocery rebates may not be worth the effort for you.

However, if you are open to giving new or improved items a shot, then you can easily collect enough toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, shampoo, razors, pain relievers, dishwasher detergent, make-up, hairstyling products, etc. to last you and your family an entire year!

Most of the larger rebates and refunds programs offer items for women, men and children and occasionally offer items, such as a new kind of candy, nutrition bars or home decor items, that would be useful for any household.

Not only can you save a huge amount on your grocery bill by avoiding the Personal Care aisles regularly, but if you have a watchful eye and a pair of scissors, you can even earn yourself a few extra dollars each month with coupon grocery savings in addition to rebates.

When many large companies release new products, they are accompanied with a marketing strategy that includes lots of advertising along with free samples, coupons and rebates.�

By clipping coupons for new products that you might be interested in trying, you can wait until that item comes up as a free-after-rebate and then use your coupon to maximize your coupon grocery savings (and earnings!) All this by using grocery coupons and rebates.

Rebate Examples

For example, say a new Air Freshener from Glade is advertised for being on sale for 2.99 this week.� They are offering a free-after-rebate deal, so you will pay 2.99 (plus tax) and then receive 2.99 back in the form of the check at the end of the month.�

You remember seeing a Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupon for those same air fresheners 2 weeks ago in your Sunday newspaper coupons.�So you use the coupon, pay 2.99 plus tax and actually end up getting TWO Air Fresheners for free (after your 2.99 is refunded) with grocery coupons and rebates.

Or, maybe the new Adidas men�s body wash is on sale for 3.99 with a free-after-rebate offer.� You have a 1.00 off coupon for any Adidas body product.�

You use the coupon and only pay 2.99 plus tax, but your refund will be for 3.99.If you count the tax, you just got free body wash, plus made about .80 on the grocery coupons and rebates deal!

Another great idea reason you may want to participate in grocery rebates is that it is a very inexpensive way to collect items that would be very useful and appreciated when donated to a charity or homeless shelter or women/children�s shelter. Maybe your family does not use Aquafresh toothpaste ever, but imagine how grateful a family who has nothing would be for any kind of toothpaste at all.� It is a really nice way to give some much-needed help to the community.

Helpful Rebate Tips

Keep these grocery coupons and rebates tips in mind when you are shopping for good deals!

Read Weekly Ads
Make sure to read weekly ads as soon as possible after they are released (either print ads or check online for new ads as well) and hit the store quickly.�

As grocery rebates become more popular, there will be more people at the store shopping for their freebies.�

Stores may easily run out of items within a day or two.

Organize Your Coupons
Keep a month's worth of coupon circulars in a file.�That way, you can go back and compare this week�s rebate offers with any valid coupons that may have already been released.�

If a rebate is offered all month, you may want to wait a week or two (assuming it is not a very popular item that is not likely to be restocked frequently) and see if a coupon emerges.

Keep Track of Deadlines
Mark your calendar each month for submission deadlines (both for mailing in or online versions) for your grocery rebates.� While the online programs are very user-friendly, you still need to remember to actually request the grocery rebates prior to the deadline each month (or all will be lost!)

Keep Records
If you use mail-in forms where you send in receipts, be sure to keep photocopies of all your receipts and the form you filled out on file.� The form will have a company�s contact info so you can check your status and then you will have proof- just in case something gets lost in the mail.�

For online programs, be sure to keep your receipts until the check/gift card is in your hand- just in case something gets lost in cyberspace!

Stay on Top of Things
Check with your favorite stores frequently!� Competition for your business is heating up, so many more stores are adding rebate or rewards programs.

Printable Rebate Forms

I wish I had the time to look up, keep track of, and post links to all the current printable rebate forms that can be found online. There are many. But, alas, my calling is to inform and teach.

Luckily, there are others out there who keep things up on a daily basis.

I use a service called Savings Angel to keep up with all the latest printable rebate forms, as well as matching store sales with coupons and just general news on good deals. This inexpensive service saves me tons of time and money each month. I recommend you check it out.

Learn More About Savings Angel
What's the best rebate you've recieved?

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