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Get Out of Debt Tips - $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge

get out of debt tips
These get out of debt tips will help any stay at home mom learn ways to pay off debt.

The most important thing you can do for your family is to find out how to pay down debt, and to do it.

If the life that you want is threatened by debt, it's time to learn important get out of debt tips that can change your life.

When you are a stay at home mom, there are many lessons you want to teach your children and one of the most important should be how to pay down debt and then stay out of debt for good.

While it takes time and dedication, it is possible to get out of debt - you just have to want it bad enough. To help you learn how you can escape the debt that you are in, here are some tried and true get out of debt tips to help finally get out of debt for good.

The Home Equity Loan Myth

Being a stay at home mom you'll find that one of the solutions that many financial advisors offer for debt elimination is a home equity loan. This involves taking out a home equity loan against the equity in your home to consolidate all your debts into one big one.

You need to realize what a dangerous option this can be. First, your home is NOT an ATM. You shouldn't simply be getting cash out from your home to pay off those debts you've accrued. After all, this doesn't help you to change your spending habits and it doesn't make use of any of the proven get out of debt tips that can really help.

In fact, many people take this route, go back to their old spending routines, and end up deeper in debt. You also need to realize that a home equity loan to pay off debts puts your home in jeopardy - something you can't afford to do. Now that you understand the truth behind the home equity loan "solution" so many offer, it's time to learn some real tactics that will help you learn how to pay down debt and ways to pay off debt. Here are some top get out of debt tips that will help you eliminate debt as long as you are committed and disciplined.

Tip #1 - Start Tracking Your Money
Being a stay at home mom, one of the first get out of debt tips you need to implement into your life is to start tracking your money. You'll have to work together with your spouse to do this. Every time you spend money, write it down.

It's usually a good idea to take about a month to track your spending. At the end of that month, sit down together and look at where your money went. You'll probably be surprised at where your money is really going, which will help you learn where you need to make some changes. This is one ways to pay off debt.

Tip #2 - Create a Reasonable Budget
The next tip you need to use is to create a reasonable budget after you have spent a month tracking all your spending. Now that you know where all your money goes, it's time to come up with a budget that will help you eliminate impulsive and unnecessary spending.

Many people prefer a monthly budget, although you may choose a weekly one. Once you do create your budget, it's important that you stick to it.

Tip #3 - Make a List of Your Total Debt
get-out-of-debt-tips-02; business man with money/bills When you want to learn how to pay down debt and ways to pay off debt, you are going to know how much debt you have, which means you need to make a list of your total debt.

This is one of the best get out of debt tips because it gives you the real picture of how much debt you owe.

When you're only making minimum payments each month, it's easy to underestimate your debt and to feel like you're really okay financially. Listing each debt on a sheet of paper, which means putting down the total debt, will help you really see how much you owe total. As you look at your debt, you can figuring out how you can pay more to start eliminating that debt.

Tip #4 - Cut Back on Unnecessary Expenses
Being a stay at home mom, cutting back on unnecessary expenses is another of the important get out of debt tips you need to put into practice if you want to eliminate debt for good. Review your notes from when you were tracking your spending and look for anything that was really unnecessary.

Maybe you buy coffee every morning or you eat out too often. Anything that isn't necessary can be cut from your spending to free up more money to pay off your debts.

Tip #5 - Start Paying Off Debt
Now that you've put into practice the previous get out of debt tips, you're ready to start paying off debt. Make sure that you pay the minimum payment on every debt you have each month. Then, take the money that you save by cutting back on those unnecessary expenses and start putting it towards your smallest debt each month.

If you owe a minimum payment of $20 on that debt and you have cut back on spending to save $40 a month, make a total payment on that debt of $60 each month. Once that debt is paid off, add that $60 you've been paying to the next debt you want to pay off. You can continue to do this, freeing up more money and making it easier to pay off your debts quickly.

With dedication and patience on your part, you can use these get out of debt tips to learn how to pay down debt a little at a time. As you stick to this plan, you'll begin seeing results and eventually you will be debt free.

Eliminating your debt is a wonderful step for you and your family financially. You'll improve your financial future and teach your children an important lesson at the same time.

As you follow these get out of debt tips towards financial freedom, don't be afraid to share this process with your kids. Let them know how debt has hurt the family and teach them lessons in avoid debt and living debt free. This helps them learn from your mistakes so they learn how to responsibly handle their own finances later in life.

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    What tips do you have on how to get out of debt?

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