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Fun Date Night Ideas for Mom and Dad - $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge

fun date night ideas
Fun date night ideas can be had on a tightwad living dime!

This list of cheap and fun date ideas for mom and dad will give you plenty of different ways to go out for less.

Romantic date night ideas, here we come.

No matter what you strike from the budget, you have to leave room to explore fun date night ideas. As parents you dedicate your life to your children, but you can't let that romantic spark between the two of you die out.

Without that spark you lose the love that created your family, so you are actually doing everyone a favor by taking some time out at least once a month to play hooky from the kids and explore romantic date night ideas. Your relationship with one another is the most important relationship in your entire family.

You spend tons of time bonding with and adoring your children, but you need time to bond and adore one another as well. Strong parental relationships make for strong families that survive in a divorce-rich world. If you are worried about the money it takes to go out on a date or feel guilty spending the money on yourselves when there are things the kids need, think of it like this: the kids need you to be a solid unit, strong together in every way.

They need that more than they will ever need new shoes or a haircut. And these cheap and fun date night ideas don't have to break the bank. Plus, there are many frugal yet fun date night ideas out there. You will find there are quite a few romantic date night ideas that take very little money.

For starters, why not ask some friends if they want to rotate on babysitting duty? They get to go out for a frugal date night while you watch their children free of charge and then the favor is returned another night. You save on childcare expenses, which can be a substantial savings over time.

Now that you're excited to get away from the kids and enjoy a little romance, here are some fun date night ideas mixed with some very romantic date night ideas to get you out of the house. Enjoy!

Cooking In
Find a recipe for a gourmet meal and cook it together at home.

You can be extra naughty and cook with nothing but your apron on or you can turn your dining room into a five star restaurant with candles, your best china, and your fancy clothes.

Romantic Picnic
Who says romantic date night ideas have to be limited to fancy restaurants? Go out to a local state park for a hike then throw a blanket out on the grass and enjoy a picnic together. This is one of the few fun date night ideas that can be done at any time of day, including the early morning.

When In Rome
Find out what the tourists do when they come to your city then do it with them for cheap and fun date night ideas. There may be parts of your city or a nearby city that you never even knew existed.

Theme Movies
Choose a theme for a movie night in. You and your spouse each rent movies related to the theme then sit up all night watching them. A cheap bag of popcorn and quick meal in the kitchen and you are free to cuddle on the couch and laugh at the movie selections.

Movie Theater Offerings
Cheap or free movies are often offered during the summertime at local theaters. Free movies are often aimed at children out of school for summer, but you would be surprised how many of the flicks are enjoyable to adults as well. Many theaters also offer discount movie prices if you go before a certain time. The moon doesn't have to be up for you to spend some time alone!

Go Skating
Most ice skating and roller skating rinks have specials on specific nights of the week. You may be able to skate for free on one night (paying for skate rental is a minor expense) or you may get free drinks and hot dogs on one night. You may be holding hands around the rink with a lot of teenagers, but it's still a frugal way to spend some time together and perhaps reminiscence about your youth.

Music at Home
Turn your garage or family room into a dance club. If the room doesn't already have accent lighting that allows you to cut the lights and set the mood, go for some colored light bulbs or a secondhand strobe light. Compile a CD of romantic songs or save them to your iPod and get the music ready to flow. Be sure to include some upbeat songs along with some slower songs that allow you to get close.

Go for a Walk
Find the water sources in your local area. Ask around with friends or get online and compile a list of water sources in your area. These are excellent places to hold hands and just walk together.

It costs absolutely nothing to stand by a beach and watch the sun go down or to stroll around a fishing pond and catch up with one another.

Book It
Make a trip to a bookstore that has a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of joe while browsing the book aisles together. Find a book of poetry and sit down to read to one another quietly for cheap and fun date night ideas.

Read Together
If you both like reading, then go to the library and pick out a book for each other. You each read one another's selection then come together for walks along the way to talk about them. Pick something that you have already read so you can discuss it with your hubby as you read.

Share a Meal
Go to your favorite restaurant and share a meal. Most restaurants serve huge portions, so you won't feel deprived sharing a plate. It will force you closer together so the meal feels more romantic.

Get a Discount
Find deals on websites like You can get some great discounts for restaurants and other businesses in your local area. Sign up for our Money Making Money Saving Mama list for updates on discounts.

Mystery Shop
Look into mystery shopping opportunities for restaurants in your area. You can get some pricey meals at some of the fanciest restaurants free just for writing a short report about your evening when you are done.

Arts and Crafts
There are many fun date night ideas involving your artistic side. It costs very little to go to a ceramics shop and paint something together. It then becomes a special knick-knack in your home.

Or, start a tradition of making piggy banks or other items for your children for birthdays or holidays each year. You can also draw portraits of one another or paint pictures of the same object and compare.

Spa Night
Have a spa night at home. Take a shower together and rub one another down with exfoliating washes. Wash one another's hair. Give massages, manicures, pedicures, and foot scrubs. Great cheap and fun date night ideas.

Think of the resources around you and you will come up with many more romantic date night ideas that don't cost a lot of money. Keep that relationship strong and your family will be stronger and happier!

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    What ideas do you have for frugal date night? Please share!

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