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Free Samples and Stuff - $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge

freebies finding stuff for nothing
Free samples and stuff? Count me in! If you love getting free things, this is the page for you. This page will show you where to go to sign up for free stuff so that you can receive todays freebies by mail.

Who doesn't love receiving free samples and stuff? I'm guessing that every single money-saving mama out there has done an internet search for this at some point.

Well, your search is over. By the time you finish implementing the ideas in this page, you will be well on your way to having your own personal stash of freebies and stuff.

In fact, once you get going well, you could get freebies by mail every week of the year. I will also show you ways that you can try different services for free.

Free Trials

Interested in a particular product or service? Wanting to try Netflix? Promised yourself that you would join the gym down the street? Been dying to try out one of the child-friendly learning websites (such as ABCMouse)?

No matter what product or service has caught your eye, before signing on that dotted line (or hitting submit, if online) take some time to find out if they offer a free trial. Then make sure you set a reminder to yourself (on your phone, on your calendar, or on a notification service such as to cancel the service BEFORE the trial is over to avoid being charged. That way, you can try the product first and then decide whether or not you want to continue with it. No more buyer's regret!

Free Samples

Love receiving freebies in the mail? Ask for free samples from your favorite companies. Not sure how to do it - it's easy! The first thing you can do is to visit the manufacturer's website to see if they offer samples of the product. If so, follow the instructions to request them. You can also mail, email, or call the company to request free samples (I recommend sending the request via snail mail). You can request trial sized samples, full sized products, and/or coupons. Many companies will gladly comply - especially if they believe that you will become (or already are) a loyal customer.

Here is a sample letter that you can send:
"I am a stay at home mom who absolutely LOVES your products, especially ___. It makes my life a whole lot easier and my family loves it, too! I am writing with the hopes that you can send me a free sample of that or another one of your awesome products. Maybe even a coupon or two. I would really appreciate it!"

Another option would be to simply google the product that you are interested in paired with key words such as "free sample" or "promotion code" to see if you get any hits for other websites featuring that product.

Free Language Lessons

Have you ever wished that you could speak more than one language? Have a desire for your child to me bilingual? Don't have the money to be able to afford expensive programs such as Rosetta Stone? Why not try out a free language course online. Some popular resources for free language lessons are:

Free Homework Help

If your child needs more help on their homework than you can provide, and hiring a tutor is not a viable option, the internet is a resource that you should consider for free homework help. On websites such as Cramster, your child can ask real educators for help on problems they are having. Some of them even have sections for the parents, so that you can brush up on topics yourself. Some other websites worth looking into are:

Free Financial Planner

Anyone whose goal it is to save money could use a financial planner. And what better kind than a free one? Here are three websites that offer free financial planning tools/software:

Free Text Messaging

If text messaging eats into your phone bill, why not try utilizing free text messaging services. If you have access to the internet on your phone, try using yahoo instant messenger to send text messages rather than paying for a text messaging package. You can also utilize websites such as:

Free Long Distance Calls

Have a lot of friends and family that are long-distance? Why not talk to/video chat them for free by using resources such as Facebook chat (which has a video call option now), Skype, or Oovoo?

Word of Advice

When signing up for free samples and stuff, you will want to avoid using your main email address. Why? Because all of those companies that you applied for freebies from will then be emailing you. It can become annoying. Rather than giving them your main email, set up a separate email account that is just for when you sign up for free stuff. That way, you keep things nice and separate. Another thing you can do to avoid a ton of spam email is to only sign up for newsletters that are required for the freebies. If it's not required, you don't have to opt in for them.

Great Freebies Sites

While doing research of my own on receiving freebies by mail, I came across a blog post that I found pretty clever. This guy sent snail mail to 100 different companies, requesting (in an oft-humorous manner) free samples and products from the companies. And he had a pretty decent success rate. He definitely received more in free samples and stuff than he had spent on stamps and envelopes.

So here is my challenge to you guys, send out 10 (or more, if you want) letters to your favorite stores and/or companies and ask them to send you some samples and coupons. Then come back and let me know what happened.

Money Saving Resources

Use the following resources to help you on your path towards saving money all year long.

1. More pages on
2. Rayven Recommends these books on Amazon:

Which companies do you plan on requesting products from?

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