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get free household stuff
Free household stuff is not hard to come by for the frugal stay at home mom.

Learn the top tips for being frugal you need to get pretty much anything you want without paying a dime.

The word "free" is a lovely word indeed, especially if you are into frugal living.

When stretching that spending dollar, every penny counts.

There are actually a few things you can do to get free household stuff to help in your frugal lifestyle.

Some may call it "tightwad living," but to the experienced stay at home mom, she knows the old saying one man's trash may be another man's treasure is true.

Have you ever noticed how some people throw away things that are in perfect condition or gently used?

All that does is contribute to landfills and harm the environment!

However, there are a few ways you can live frugally, help the environment, and get free household stuff!

If you have the space to do it, you can save money by collecting things to use later, or you can sell the items you collect for free.

It's possible to even build/furnish a mortgage free home with these things.

It just takes a little creativity and resources to help you accomplish this.

Imagine a place where unwanted items are listed and interested people can have them for free. Guess what? This place exists already in a website called

Here you can find things for free and make arrangements with the former owner on how to pick it up. This is the ultimate way to benefit from tightwad living and get free household stuff, too.

In addition to that, you can also list your own unwanted items on the site so that others can have them for free, as well. This is a good way to recycle things rather than just toss them out. Membership to is free and the site is simple to use. Just enter your community's name to locate the nearest Freecycle group near you.

Curious about what kinds of free household stuff you can get on this unique site? I've gotten the following in the past couple years (among other things):
  • free home school materials
  • free cloth diapers
  • free clothes for my husband, daughter, and son
  • free tables
  • free grills
  • free crockpots/kitchen items
  • free firewood

  • Craigslist

    Craigslist is one of those multipurpose websites that are perfect for people into tightwad living. Most people think of it as site mainly for buying and selling, and it's true that you can find amazing deals there. However, it also has a page where people can list the free stuff they just want to give away.

    The catch is you have to move fast because things go very quickly on this page! A good way to make the most of this particular part of Craigslist is to be in the town where you are looking at the free page, have a phone handy, and access to a truck or trailer.

    Refresh the free page often and call as soon as you see something you want. You'll be amazed at the free household stuff that can be obtained this way.

    Spring Cleaning/Garage Sales

    Some communities have a day where they can put their unwanted furniture or other items out to be picked up by trash collectors.

    Again, you'd be surprised at the great things people toss out!

    This is a good opportunity to travel around and scoop up free household stuff that can benefit your family or even resold.

    Garage sales provide similar opportunities. Many times after a garage sale the family just wants to get rid of whatever is left over. Print out business cards saying you'll haul away the leftovers when the sale is done. True, you may get a lot of things you will have to get rid of by donating to charity or throwing away, but many times people will also still have some good things.


    People have been bartering for goods since time began. Bartering means you trade one good or service for another. Notice the word trade. That means no money exchanges hands. To learn more about bartering and how it can be used to get free household stuff, click here.

    Friends and Family

    Friends and family are an excellent resource for free stuff, especially if they know you are willing to take it away for them. People will come out of the wood work just to have you help them out in this way.

    Tightwad living has great advantages and can be an excellent way to get free household stuff and save money for your family!
    What's the best deal you've had on household items?

    tell us what you think

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