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Free Home Party Games - Party Games for Consultants

Free home party games are not as easy to come by as one would think. For all those involved in home based direct sales, a good list of party games for consultants is essential. Try these hostess party games at your next show. For all stay at home mom businesses.

These party games for consultants all revolve around some sort of action the guests have to do. They are fun and get the blood moving! But if you are looking for other themed games, please go to the free home party games index at the bottom of this page to find literally hundreds more.

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Business Card Tips for Party Plan Jewelry Consultants

You will need to bring an egg timer to your party for the following few free home party games. Set the timer for 5-10 minutes and demonstrate your products. Whatever item you are holding when the timer goes off is on sale (10-15% off) for the duration of your party!

Fun hostess party games! For this game, set a timer to go off every 5 minutes or so while you're doing your demo. Randomly give one guest a party prize, and ask her to pass it to her left every time she hears you say your company name. The guest holding the prize when the timer goes off wins!

Create a Theme Party

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Party Games for Consultants

Games and Templates - these packages for party plan consultants contains 167 games and 64 templates to play at in home demonstrations.

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Silly hostess party games! Pick an item from your demonstration (or if you are a Tupperware consultant, it's always fun to do this with the Tiny Treasures) and have guests come up with as many ways to use that item as they can. You will get some very interesting answers! Definitely more ways that the item was created for! Award the guest who gave the most ideas as well as the most creative idea.

This is the only one of all the free home party games on this entire site where it is known where the game came from. This was originated by Patty Brisben, the founder and CEO of Pure Romance. Bring lots of business cards to the party, and on the back of one write "LL" for "Lucky Lady". Hand out a business card to every guest and tell them not to let anyone know if they have the LL on it. Ask them to hold onto their business cards until the end of the show, keeping them secure. Suggest they place them in their wallets.

At the end of the show, ask that the guest with the LL come forward to receive a prize. Meanwhile, the remaining guests have forgotten that they still have your card. Now they will keep your card and remember you for all their (YOUR COMPANY) needs.

Of all the free home party games for stay at home mom businesses on this page, this one is my favorite! Place a mirror in a paper bag and fold the top over. Tell guests that you have something that is alive and bites inside. They may feel the bag and make a guess. Answers are whispered to you, and if they are wrong, you open the bag and let them see themselves. Tell each guest not to tell the others what they saw.

For this of the party games for consultants, you will need to get 10 brown paper bags, and put one item in each (examples: toothbrush, toothpicks, cotton balls, paper clip, pencil, ball, etc.) Tape the bags shut and number them 1-10. Have each guest write what they think is in each numbered bag. The guest with the most correct wins.

It sounds super easy but it's not... you'll need: bag of rice, safety pins and a blind fold. Fill a large mixing bowl (use Tupperware if you are a Tupperware consultant) half full with rice. Mix about 50 or so small to medium safety pins. Guests put on the blindfold and will have 30 seconds to grab as many pins as they can from the rice. This gets super competitive!
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Have you played any of these games at your parties? Which has been your favorite?

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Do you like all these party games, but dread the thought of creating templates and editing them into a usable folder? Check out Party Games for Consultants and get your template and booklet kit. All the work done for you, instantly.

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