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Free Food Offers - How to Get Free Food from Restaurants

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Free food offers are more common than most stay at home moms realize. Learn how to get free food by attending a grand opening or soft opening of a new restaurant, along with free food samples.

Are you interested in learning how to get free food from some of the biggest names in the restaurant business?

What about free food offers from smaller restaurants that may be opening up in your neighborhood soon? It actually is not as difficult as you may think!

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Chain restaurants open up new franchises all the time and what do they have to do before they start accepting cash for meals? Give away free meals! You are probably wondering why they would do this since it goes against the logical goals of any business. There are a couple reasons here:
  • They are using free food offers to give new staff an opportunity to serve real customers. They are basically using you as a guinea pig

  • They just want to attract attention and let everyone in the area know that they are now open for business, or will soon be open for business
  • Sometimes these motives are combined. The staff is fresh and need to break-in their nerves before they really open to paying customers and the restaurant knows that the long line of people circling the building will attract some buzz and get people talking.

    It turns out your taking advantage of free food offers does in fact benefit the business. They stand to gain a lot from this form of advertising.

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  • How to Get Free Food - My Experience

    It may seem farfetched that companies will really have free food samples and events where you can come in and enjoy a meal for free, but my personal experience proves that it does happen. I first learned about these events when my little sister moved in with me for a short period of time and needed to find a job. She took a waitress position with a new Bob Evans restaurant which was set to open soon in our area.

    About a week before their grand opening she came home with a flier inviting us to stop into the restaurant five days before it opened and order a free entree, drink and dessert. I took my family and sure enough got free breakfast for myself, my husband and my children. It was breakfast, but who passes up dessert when it's free?

    This was basically the Bob Evans way of rehearsing the grand opening. They were able to spot any flaws in their operating system and fix them before the real opening arrived. For me, it was the first adventure in my quest to learn how to get free food from great restaurants.

    Finding Free Food Offers

    While taking advantage of my free family breakfast at Bob Evans I was lucky enough to strike up a conversation with a couple sitting nearby. They were RV travelers who frequently went into construction sites for large chain restaurants to ask about free food offers. Turns out they had been getting free food samples and meals all over the country for quite some time.

    They were the experts in learning how to get free food from big chains. So, take it from them and start inquiring about free food offers and practice events whenever a new restaurant is set to open up in your area. I have done it myself and scored a free meal for my entire family once again at a Chili's restaurant.

    We simply had to stop in and ask when they would be opening! Not long ago, I scored again and got big 2 meal entrees plus side dishes and drinks for my entire family at Panda Express. All it cost us was about a half hour waiting in line, but they handed out free food samples so it was a fun wait.

    Another tip is to watch for the opening of Chick-Fil-A restaurants in your community or surrounding areas. Every new store they open will hand out a year's worth of FREE food to the first 100 adults standing in line. You will see the line forming 24 hours before the opening if not even earlier because this is no joke. They give you 52 coupons for completely free food if you are within the first 100 adults in line.

    Keep your ears open for people who are starting new jobs at newly opening restaurants. Ask them about these events once they are hired. Every time you see a new chain restaurant being opened, go in and ask when they are opening. You never know when you will meet an eager manager ready to give his fresh staff a lesson.

    A Few Extra Tips

    When taking advantage of these free food offers, be respectful of the staff members who are obviously just learning the ropes. You are getting the free food offers because of them! When asked about your experience be very honest, but don't be rude.

    You do need to leave tips just as you would when regularly dining out. You will still get out the door for far less than the free food was actually worth!

    Sneak Peak at Next Week

    Like this section on getting a free lunch? Next week we'll talk about birthdays. We'll go over ways to get free stuff on your birthday and how to make your day extra special, frugally, and more.

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    How Much Will These Free Food Offers Save You?

    I'd love to hear how you are coming with your frugal and free challenge.

    Have you ever gotten a free meal from a restaurant, no strings attached?

    tell us what you think

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