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Free Birthday Clubs - Gimme Free Stuff on My Birthday!

free stuff on your birthday
Free birthday clubs are plentiful these days!

Are you screaming, Gimme free stuff on my birthday?

Well, this list of kids birthday club and free birthday stuff sources are right up your alley!
Oh, and don't think this is all.

There's a whole page on free birthday meals that you can find here.

Too many resources to list on one page!

Take advantage of these businesses that offer free birthday clubs, as well as those that specialize in a kids birthday club to brighten your day.

Free Birthday Clubs: Gimme Free Stuff on My Birthday!

This list of freebies has offerings for mom and child, depending on the establishment.

Sign up for them all!

Blue Bell Country Club
Relax at the country club and get some ice cream for your birthday!

Chicken of the Sea Mermaid Club
An unnamed birthday gift from the sea straight to your doorstep.

Wonder what it could be?

Children's Place Birthday Club
Every child needs a new outfit for their birthday, so get a great discount here.

Columbia Sportswear Greater Rewards
Find special deals for special people who live in their sportswear.

Dave & Buster's Rewards
Sign up for a Dave & Buster's card and get a credit on your birthday plus lots of other great deals.

Hallmark Crown Rewards Program:
You send cards to everyone else...why not get something for yourself this time?

Hot Topic Email
Hey, small discounts go a long way. Get your Hot Topic discounts here. Is it pathetic that I wore Hot Topic clothes until I was 23? And had two kids?

Old Navy
Now Old Navy is more my style.

Find the email sign up banner toward the end of the page and get something special for your interest in joining these free birthday clubs.

Olan Mills Birthday Club
This is way better than all the free birthday clubs listed here together. Get a small but completely free portrait package of your birthday boy or girl. Limited to children 3 years and younger.

Proctor & Gamble Everyday Solutions
Receive coupons and samples all the time...but a packet of BOGO coupons at that lucky time of year.

Sephora Beauty Insider
Something to help you radiate beauty as you turn another year older. One of my favorite free birthday clubs.

Kids Birthday Club List

This next free birthday clubs list is all about the child who says gimme free stuff on my birthday! Sign your kids up for all these perks and have a blast for at least a full week. Most of these are free birthday meals, but some have additional goodies.

Bob Evans Birthday Club
Kids 12 and under can enjoy a free birthday meal in exchange for an email address and their birth date.

Boston Market V.I.P. Club
Sign your family as very important patrons with Boston Market and all kids under the age of 12 will receive a free birthday meal. You will also get something special on your birthday along with a $3 off coupon just for signing up.

Burger King Club BK Birthday Club
Crown your kid king with a free hamburger kid's meal for their birthday. These free birthday meals are given through a parents email account.

California Pizza Kitchen CPKids Birthday Club
Give CPK the right to blast emails your way and your children will make out with a free kid's meal coupon redeemable during the month of their birthday.

Captain D's Kid's Birthday Club
Your little one needs their own email address in addition to yours to for this kids birthday club, but it's yet another opportunity to fill a belly for free.

Chuck E Cheese's Email Club
You get more than just a free meal on your birthday with this club. Everyone in your family will receive coupons and free tokens for their birthday, but you will receive other special offers throughout the year as well.

Luby's E-Club
You can get free birthday meals for your little ones as well as other special promotions when you sign up for the E-Club.

Red Robin E-Club
How about a free burger on the Robin? Everyone in the family can get just that, but you will have to sign up as an adult and register your young ones under your account.

Sonic Wacky Pack Kid's Birthday Club
Whip through the drive-thru and grab a Wacky Pack for your fun and crazy kids on their birthdays. It's free with sign up for this kids birthday club.

Toys R Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club
One of the best free birthday clubs, the little ones can get a special gift and even a phone call from Geoffrey. A free party planner and a crown when you visit the store are also thrown in. (My kids have gotten balloons in the past too. Your mileage may vary.)

Whataburger Whata Kids Birthday Club
Treat the little ones to a free justaburger on their's on the house!

Keep in mind that this list of free birthday clubs is subject to change per each establishment's policies. If you find something that is out of date, please take a minute and let me know.

Now that we've explored the free birthday clubs that give you stuff, and the kids birthday club list, its time to head over to the free birthday meal section! This list will give you more choices for free food than you dreamed possible.

Do you know of a great birthday club that not listed here? If so, please share.

tell us what you think

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