Forwarding a Domain

Forwarding a Domain

Get a Personal Domain Name for Your Company Sponsored Site

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Forwarding a Domain Name

Get a Personal Domain Name for Your Company Sponsored Site

Forwarding a domain. Whether you are using affiliate sales or you are involved in a network marketing opportunity, you will probably at some point be given a replicated website or affiliate link that is personally yours. These links are wonderful because anyone who goes to your specific link will generate commissions for you.

The only problem is that they are either a mile long with possibly hundreds of characters, or they have an easy to take short-cut allowing users to bypass your commissions.

For example, my "link" to my Jerky Direct store, which will also allow me to get commission for jerky sales is :

The problem is that you can have it in your email signature, or post it on a message board, but when someone decides to go to your link, they often get lazy and only type in the "" part, completely eliminating your commission. And imagine trying to put all that on a business card!

Is there a way around it? Sure! Check out my site:

http://www.Jerky-on-Wheels.comis my Jerky Direct address.

Forwarding a Domain

What I have done to these links, as well as several others in my business, is forwarded or redirected the domain. I have purchased the domain names, for example "" for about $12 a year, and instead of creating a website for it, have gone in and commanded it to redirect to the appropriate link.

This way, any time someone types in, it automatically redirects them to:

How to Do It

There are several services that offer forwarding a domain for a fee. You can probably get set up with a hosting company and pay a monthly or annual hosting fee to do so. But then you'll have to go into the servers and figure it all out manually. I did that a couple years ago. What a pain in the neck.

The service I use is free. Yep. Free. You do have to buy your domain, but they will forward it for you at no charge.

The service for forwarding a domain is Name Park It and it is offered as a free service to Site Build It affiliates. If you haven't checked out the Site Build It Affiliate Program, do so now. It's totally free to join.

You'll want to join this free affiliate program not because they will let you use Name Park It for free, but because it is one of the best affiliate programs anywhere, and the product is of exceptional value. I have built this site, along with several others by using Site Build It.

After joining the free Site Build It 5 Pillar Affiliate program, go into your account and click "Name Park It". Follow the directions, buy your domain name (around $12 a year) and you will have a section to enter the url to redirect it too. You can even change that url as needed.

All in all, it is an extremely easy and cheap way to look more professional and to keep those commissions!

Visit the Site Build It 5 Pillar Affiliate Program Now

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