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Forms Contracts for Home Daycare - Info on Child Care Contracts

home daycare startup resources
Forms contracts for home daycare! What a mouthful! Stay at home mom businesses revolving around home daycare can require some organized set up. Learn about child care contracts and other set up requirements here.
Take a breath! You've maneuvered yourself through your state's requirements for starting a home daycare. You're ready to set up the day to day terms that will help your business run smoothly, not only for you, but the for the parents of those adorable cuties you will soon be caring for.

It's time to start thinking about what forms contracts for home daycare will require. Luckily, Amanda Fowlers's eBook, Daycare Starter Kit, holds the key to assisting stay at home mom businesses in creating just that.

Child Care Contracts

Even if your state doesn't require you to have child care contracts, it's important to think about the needs of your prospective clients.

Having the right forms contracts for home daycare require will help keep everything nice and tidy, especially if they lay out both parties' expectations.

Things to consider putting in the forms contracts for home daycare use: the child's full name and nickname, along with emergency contact numbers for the parents.

With stay at home mom businesses these forms need to include medical information like who the child's doctor is and what types of allergies they have to food or medications. Who is allowed to pick the child up? Including that important item in the forms contracts for home daycare relies on is crucial to everyone's peace of mind.

Are you an active stay at home mom who wants to take the children on field trips to the zoo or museums? If so, then be sure to have the forms authorizing permission to ride in the daycare provider's vehicle as part of your child care contracts.

It may feel like the paperwork for setting up your at home daycare is stacking up like a tall mountain, but the forms contracts for home daycare require are necessary to protect you legally.

Never make a verbal agreement when it comes to child care contracts. Write everything down!

Something that makes life much easier for everyone if you include it in the forms contracts for home daycare depends on is the hours of operation, rates and when payment is due. What happens when payments are late or the parents are late picking up their child?

The eBook Daycare Starter Kit offers some good tips and resources for stay at home mom businesses on how to handle these issues.

Rayven Recommends:
Daycare Starter Kit by Amanda Fowler

Are you looking to start your own at home daycare?

If so, don't miss out on this opportunity to pick up a copy of Amanda Fowler's Daycare Starter Kit, with forms and state by state information designed to save you time and money as you get started as a daycare provider.

Get Your Daycare Starter Kit

Let's take a moment to talk about sickness. No matter how much vitamin C is pumped into your child or how often you make them scrub their hands with antibacterial soap, germs still manage to find their way to your little one.

You'll want the forms contracts for home daycare require explaining how you handle sick days - do you charge for the time slot if the child is ill and doesn't show? Or do you only charge for the days when they are in your care? If you only charge for the days they are in your care, be wary.

When kids are absent several times a week, that's money out of your pocket. Again, having clear expectations about this in your child care contracts is helpful for everyone and helps avoid problems later on.

Rates for Home Daycare

What do you charge for your home daycare service?

How much is too much?

Before you make a decision on this and list a random number in your child care contracts, do some research in the area where you live to find out what rates to include in your forms.

Home daycare rates should be competitive to what others in your community charge, but less expensive than a daycare center.

The Daycare Starter Kit suggests calling other at home daycare providers or daycare centers to get an idea for what your competitors charge in their child care contracts. Keep in mind though, you may not want to say that you are the competition!

Another place to check for information on this issue is in the newspaper, or a website like Craigslist. Rates vary from area to area, and you will need to decide what works best in your forms contracts for home daycare require.

For stay at home mom businesses needing further assistance regarding home daycare rates, take a look at the Daycare Starter Kit, which lists over 40 forms to help you get started on creating contracts for home daycare, as well as, how to handle other home daycare needs.

What forms do you use in your home daycare?

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