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Follow Up After the Sale - Using Follow Up Reminders and Autoresponder Lists

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Follow up after the sale by using follow up reminders and autoresponder lists. Customer followup is an integral part of your business. In fact, the single most important thing you can do with stay at home mom businesses is to follow up with leads and customers.

A Follow Up After the Sale Example

When Ed, my husband, first joined Jerky Direct, we had already been a customers. I had ordered organic teriyaki beef jerky retail twice, from two different people.

But we signed up to become a distributor under someone else.

Later, the two moms I had ordered from retail approached me and asked me why we hadn't chosen them to sign up under.

Well, the answer is quite simple:

Because they never asked.

Neither of those two stay at home mom businesses chose to follow up after the sale with me to ask if I liked the product, if I wanted more information about the opportunity, or if I was ready to join. Neither one so much as said "thank you for your purchase".

My husband fell in love with the product, and was ready to sign his name on the dotted line, but was never presented with the opportunity to do so. So instead, another distributor, in the right place at the right time, asked if we wanted to join, and we did. The rest is history.
Don't let a powerful team player slip through your fingers because you fail to follow up!

Follow up after the sale with each lead you get. If they ordered from you, ask if they received/liked their product. If they were interested in your opportunity, provide information and ask if they have any questions.Occasionally, when you are doing customer followup with someone via email, you will not get a response.
  • Maybe that person is uninterested in your message at this time
  • Maybe the mail servers did not send your message
  • Maybe the recipient accidentally deleted your message
  • In any case, send another customer followup email to the person a few days later. Most people need to see a product or opportunity 6-8 times before they take action. If they do not reply again, try back in a couple weeks, then a couple months, then a year.

    Do not toss your leads until they either ask you to stop emailing them, or they are older than 2 years old. People's circumstances change. Maybe an opportunity that was not right for them one month, might end up being perfect another month.

    As your contact list grows, it will become more difficult to manage. What once was sending emails to a few dozen people, will soon turn into a few hundred. To manage your lists more efficiently, you should consider investing in a good autoresponder lists program.

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    Autoresponder Lists

    What are autoresponder lists? They are simply follow up reminders, to get you to do customer followup in an easy and painless way.

    An autoresponder list allows stay at home mom businesses to send out targeted, prewritten emails to customers to follow up after the sale, presentation, or contact. They will be emailed to your customers at intervals you choose, so that you do not need to remember to do it. Manages it all very nicely, and very affordable for stay at home mom businesses.

    Sending Spam

    An important note on SPAM:

    someone is sending them unsolicited email. DO NOT spam people. If someone did not ask for information about your opportunity, do not keep sending them information. If they ask to be taken off of your list, then take them off of your list!
    How do you follow up after the sale?

    tell us what you think

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