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Targeting Niche Customers

Ezines Advertising. So you've figured out your niche, but now you need to find out how to market to it, right?

open magazinesEven if your website only consists of a squeeze page placed before your company's website, you still need to drive traffic to your site.

One of the best ways to gain new visitors is by placing ads in e-zines.

An e-Zine (say it like you would say magazine) is an online newsletter.

You can subscribe to these newsletters, usually for free, all over the internet. From Rose Gardening to RV Living, there are millions of e-zines out there, and there are many that will fit your niche, products, and opportunity.

These ezines will allow you to place an ad for your opportunity or products, for a fee, in their newsletter. So picture this: You place an ad in a newsletter with hundreds or thousands of eager, targeted viewers, wanting the information that you are sharing.

It is one of the best methods of advertising out there. The ads will range in cost, depending on the subject matter, the number of subscribers, and what kind of ad you'd like to run.

Ads generally come in three types:

classified ads1.Classified Ads
These are ads that are generally smaller ads, grouped together, probably in the middle of the newsletter.

2.Sponsored Ads
A more prominent ad, this ad is usually placed at the top or bottom of the newsletter.

3. Solo Ads
These ads run solo, or by themselves, to the subscriber base without a newsletter attached. These are the most expensive ads. You'll want to subscribe to newsletters that you are considering advertising in.

This way you can see how other ads are placed, and how you want to word your own ad to the specific audience. Also, it gives you a chance to see your finished ad live in the newsletter. For more information on the effective use of ezines, please check out Charlie Page's FREE audio interview:

How to Use Proven Tactics for eZine Advertising Success

Who is Charlie Page?
He is commonly known as the definitive source on e-zines. He operates
Ezine advertising works! The Directory of Ezines makes it work for you!!

The Directory of Ezines

the best online ezine directory there is. It is not free, but if you are serious about promoting your business through newsletter advertising, then it is a very good tool to use. I personally own this program and can say without a doubt that it is one of the best, most easy to use, tools I have at my disposal for my advertising needs.

In addition to a listing of ezines available to advertise in, there is a ton of information sources for growing your business, and everything is very professional and up to date. If the price tag is a shocker for you, the program is offered for a one year membership at half the cost. But if you are looking to get started right away, and don't quite have the funds to get Charlie Page's information, that's ok too. Come back to it when you're ready.

Other valuable e-zine information from Charlie Page In the mean time, check out these other free directories for finding online magazines to advertise in:

  • BestEzines
  • Ezine Directory
  • EzineHub
  • E-zines Net Top 20
  • New-List
  • Zinos

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