Envelope Stuffing Scam

Don't Fall for This Known Scam

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Envelope Stuffing Scam - Don't Fall for This Known Scam

envelope stuffing scam
Envelope Stuffing Scam.

There are many known scams in the online and offline world.


Because everyone wants to "get rich quick".

They want to find the magic button that will take all the problems away from their life.

They think that rich people are lucky, and they want to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We've all been in this mind set at one point or another, willing to throw away money for the secret.

The truth is there is no free lunch.

There is no way to take the work out of the work at home ideal.

The rich are not lucky; they have worked smart and hard to become rich.

So what so called "opportunities" are really thinly veiled, known scams?

How the Envelope Stuffing Scam Works

You've seen the ads. They are tempting.

You can make THOUSANDS a month, just by Stuffing Envelopes. All you have to do is send $19.95 to the company to prove that you are serious.

They will give you everything you need to make good money! So you eagerly part ways with your cash, planning in your head where that first month's worth of income will go. Maybe you will buy a new pair of shoes?

Or maybe it will just go towards paying off the credit card. At any rate, you are anxious to get started. The big day arrives (sometimes, many times nothing ever arrives) and you get your introductory package...but wait! There must be some mistake!

You were expecting a big box of supplies. This is little more than an envelope. Inside is a note. It says:

"Dear New Envelope Stuffer!

We are so happy that you have decided to join our team! To get started, simply place newspaper or magazine ads identical to the one you answered, in various publications. Soon, you will have HUNDREDS of people sending you $19.95. When the money arrives, you will stuff your envelopes with a copy of this letter and keep your profits!

~Best Wishes!"

That is it. Really. I promise. Think about it: why would ANYONE pay a person to stuff an envelope when a machine could do it cheaper, faster, and more efficiently? Does that make any logical sense to you?

This envelope stuffing scam varys slightly. Some will tell you to send out direct mail ads, (of course they are more than willing to sell you an address list) some will suggest you use online message boards. All are deceitful, and none pan out.
Have you fallen for this scam? If so, what can you tell other people to look for?

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