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Earn money by writing online for stay at home mom income.

Become one of the thousands of freelance home writers throughout the country, and get paid for doing something you enjoy.

As a stay at home mom, you have a unique opportunity to earn supplemental income through writing.

Many magazines, newspapers, and websites hire freelance writers to contribute to their publications.

Payment will vary, but it's still an excellent way to earn extra cash.

In fact, you can earn money writing online by using a few of the resources we will be discussing on this page.

Many authors struggle making a living as a writer. Unless you have a best seller on your hands, there isn't much money in it.

However, novel writing isn't the only way to get your name out there and make profit. Consider looking into life as a freelance home writer.

This type of writing allows you to set your own hours, the location where you work, and to negotiate your payment. Freelance writing doesn't have to mean ghostwriting either.

Ghostwriting is the option to write for someone else, get paid for it, and then they run what you've written under their name. Not all freelance home writers take that route, and with the numerous options available online, they don't need to.

The ebook 25 Ways to Write for Money by David Goldsmith offers excellent suggestions for writers or newbies looking to break into the business and how to earn money by writing online. Fast paced, easy to follow, and filled with additional resources, this ebook is a must have for writers.

rayven perkins

Rayven Recommends:
25 Ways to Write for Money

Are you looking for ideas on how to make money writing for income? If you enjoy writing, and would like to make an income on it (or supplement an income) you need to pick up David Goldsmith's 25 Ways to Write for Money.

This fantastic ebook will walk you through ways to earn realistic income doing something you love!

25 Ways to Write for Money

Write for Magazine and Newspapers

One thing freelance home writers can do is research writing for magazines and newspapers. In fact, when most people think about freelance projects, those are the two things that come to mind.

That is probably because every time you go to a doctor's office or stand in line at the grocery store we are inundated by them. Newspaper and magazines offer lots of freelance opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about how to tackle this market, 25 Ways to Write for Money offers many tips. It also explains what to expect as far as payment for these markets are concerned, the best way to find out writing guidelines for the magazine/newspaper that interests you, and how to handle editorial deadlines.


Elance is an easy way to earn money by writing online. This website posts jobs every day in a variety of subject areas. Writers can easily find jobs that match their capabilities and knowledge.

A great option for freelance home writers, Elance handles the payment process for both the client and writer by acting as the middle man. Here, you can find ghostwriting opportunities, but also people who need copyeditors, blog writers, resume writers, and technology proposals created.

They have sections set up for writers who excel at legal matters, as well as, website design, sales and marketing, and finance management. If you are a writer with a wide range of expertise, Elance is the place to go. It's easy to set up an account and within minutes, start bidding on jobs.

Get Started on Elance


This highly popular site offers good opportunities to earn money by writing online.

About.com is a large search engine site that publishes articles on all kinds of topics. They call their authors "guides".

In order to work for About.com, you must submit a sample of your writing and go through a review process with an editor.

If you make it through the review, then you are hired to work on topics that apply to you. You must be very savvy about grammar and writing for the web, well versed in your topic, and be a good blogger.

On average a guide for About.com starts out making $675 a month with the possibility of a pay increase. The increase is based on how many people click on your pages.

Get Started on About.com

Other Writing Opportunities

Associated Content
Associated Content is another place freelance home writers can check out for writing positions. This is sponsored by Yahoo and is similar to About.com in that you must apply for a writing position. You can write articles on all kinds of subjects and submit video/pictures, too.

Get Started on Associated Content

Another worthy place to earn money by writing online is eHow. This company provides informative articles on a wide variety of subjects. Their writers are diverse and include business professionals, teachers, and stay at home moms.

Perfect for freelance home writers, to work for eHow you must submit a current resume and a writing sample. Their website also offers tips on applying.

Get Started on eHow

The chance to earn money by writing online is enticing and perfect for a stay at home mom wanting to increase their income. The ebook 25 Ways to Write for Money is good way to learn more about the above suggestions, as well as, gain insight on some exciting new ones.
How do you earn money by writing?

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