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Dropshipping Tips - Finding a Wholesale Dropship Supplier

finding a dropshipping supplier
Dropshipping tips for those who would like to pursue stay at home mom income by selling online.

Learn how dropshipping works and where to locate a legitimate wholesale dropship supplier to further your business.
Selling things on eBay is a fun process, especially when you make money on it.

The jingle of coins in your pocket or the knowledge that there is a little extra income in your bank account is very satisfying.

However, some people get frustrated with having to locate items or don't have the time to go to garage sales to find hidden treasures.

If you are a stay at home mom who falls into this category, but you still want to sell things at places like eBay, then the dropshipping tips in this article may help you meet your selling goals.

You won't have to rely on garage sales or storage auctions to sell things on eBay.

Instead, many people turn to a wholesale dropship supplier such as Worldwide Brands, as a means of bringing in extra income.

Dropshipping: What Does That Mean?

To understand what a wholesale dropship supplier is, let's first make sure the definition of manufacturer, wholesaler, and dropship retailer are understood.

The manufacturer creates the product and ships to the wholesaler. The wholesaler stores the product.

It is then the dropship retailer's job to sell the actual product and send the order to wholesaler who then ships it directly to the buyer. This is the dropshipping process. The dropship retailer never actually possesses the product being sold.

A great wholesale dropship supplier is Worldwide Brands. World Wide Brands is basically one wholesaler who works directly with hundreds of manufacturers, allowing their customers to get the information and resources they need to cost-effectively enter into the world of dropshipping.

There are a lot of scams in the dropshipping industry, but Worldwide Brands is the real deal. This company provides a lot of services to its members, helping them learn which products sell well, and how to market them. They have a strong customer support team, too, that also presents many dropshipping tips to make your selling efforts better.

World Wide Brands does charge a one time fee for its services. The fee is expensive, but worth it. You don't have monthly fees or renewal charges. Their one time fee allows you complete access to all of their product and marketing teams. This saves you time and money in the end!

One of their best dropshipping tips is to research your niche. What are you going to sell? What are people looking for? Are there products out there that everyone wants but no one is providing? Which products are over saturating the market right now? Knowing these things will help you determine what to sell and which wholesale dropship supplier to work with.

Another of the dropshipping tips the wholesaler World Wide Brands suggests is to create good marketing. Once you know your niche, you're ready to set up you own online store to promote your product.

This is an important part of selling because your online presence represents who you are. If your website presents clear information on what you are selling, as well as pricing and shipping information, you will create satisfied customers who will buy from the store again and again.

Perhaps the most important of all dropshipping tips is to find a reputable wholesaler who deals directly with the manufacturer (which is exactly what Worldwide Brands will help you do). You do not want to deal with the middle man.

If you think back to the definitions we gave you early in the article about the manufacturer, wholesaler, and the retailer (you), it may seem that the wholesaler is the middleman. Actually, that's not true.

Manufacturers create the product. They aren't set up to sell it.

So the wholesaler takes that on and sells directly to you the retailer.

This is cost effective and the best way to make profit. However, when you research the internet looking for a wholesale dropship supplier, you may run across the "bad" middleman claiming to be a wholesaler.

These guys step in between you and the wholesaler, cutting in to your profit. You must make sure you are dealing with a legitimate wholesale provider.

How will you know if they are the real deal or a middleman? A few dropshipping tips to guide you on this would be paying attention to whether or not they will give out their business address or whether the person answering their phones can direct you to an account representative to answer your questions.

Another clue is if they make claims about how much money you'll make with their product or how much people have made off their product. You can also call the Better Business Bureaus to check for complaints filed against them.

It's also a good idea to see who their domain name is registered under. If it's an individual vs. a company, then you're probably dealing with a middleman.

Again, World Wide Brands comes highly recommended as a wholesaler, not a middleman. If this is a field you are planning to pursue, it pays to get involved with a reputable company like Worldwide Brands.

Dropshipping is definitely a good alternative to spending long hours at garage sales or flea markets looking for that perfect treasure. Using dropshipping allows you to find that one niche and sell your products at a price that works for the consumer, you, and the wholesaler.
What dropshipping tips would you like to share?

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