Rayven Perkins I often have visitors wonder how it is that I am able to provide a website of this size for free to my viewers, and how this site is supported.

This page is to clear up any confusion you may have experienced regarding this issue.

First, understand that this site is free. There is never a charge to access any information on Stay a Stay at Home Mom, and I am not compensated for writing any of the information on this website.

I am not paid in any way by any advertiser to write about their product or service.

How This Site Makes Money

This site does, however, make money. It does this in several ways. First, understand that each page written on this site is carefully researched and drawn on my own personal experience with a subject, or that of a trusted source.

After the page is written, in some cases a value-added affiliate program will be implemented. An affiliate program will show up along side or within the text as a recommendation for a product or service. If a visitor clicks on the affiliate link, Stay a Stay at Home Mom may be compensated monetarily for a visitor either requesting information or making a purchase.

Stay a Stay at Home Mom carefully implements affiliate programs. All products or companies recommended on this site have been purchased/experienced by me, or those I trust, and are not added to any page simply to generate sales. That is not (nor has it ever been) the intent of this website.

In addition to affiliate programs, Stay a Stay at Home Mom participates in the Google ads program. This is the program where Google will place advertising on this site, in various areas, designated by the notation "ads by Google". Stay a Stay at Home Mom may receive compensation from Google in the event that a visitor clicks on an ad. Stay a Stay at Home Mom does not have control over the ads displayed by Google on this website.

This website also earns money by selling informational products, both those created by author Rayven Perkins and those from other authors. Each of these books has been read before being recommended on this site. Occasionally, one of these books will be offered for free. That does not mean, however, that it is reviewed. Only information products that are helpful to the topic at hand are recommended on this site. If purchased, Stay a Stay at Home Mom does receive a commission. All informational product on this site also come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Stay a Stay at Home Mom offers small work-at-home businesses the chance to advertise their direct sales or network marketing companies on the following pages:

Multi Level Marketing Directory
Direct Sales Home Parties Sales Companies

All ads on these pages are paid ads. For information about our advertising please see: Advertising on Stay a Stay at Home Mom

Stay a Stay at Home Mom also recommends Jerky Direct, and Send Out Cards. Compensation, in the form of money or gifts, does occur when visitors join any of these three programs, as they are all network marketing or direct sales companies. After looking through hundreds of programs, it is the intent of Stay a Stay at Home Mom to only offer the best as a means of stay at home mom income. There are no income guarantees expressed or implied for any of the above programs and the results I have earned from these companies is not typical.

Finally, Stay a Stay at Home Mom receives compensation in two ways from Site Build It. (SBI) is the website program used to create this, and other sites owned by Stay a Stay at Home Mom. I would be unable to earn all this other money if it was not for SBI. My husband Ed and I teach classes online on how to build websites such as this one. We are compensated through Austin Community College for being online instructors for this class. We are also compensated when a purchase of SBI is made from one of our recommendations.

How Other Sites Make Money

Many sites online don't make any money, though it is not for lack of trying. They simply do not have the best interest of the viewer (like we at Stay a Stay at Home Mom do) in mind when they bombard them with irrelevant advertisements. Stay a Stay at Home Mom is more concerned with helping our viewers than making a quick buck.

But other sites do, in fact make money, usually one of three ways:
  • They offer valuable information or a service, then make money from natural actions a visitor will take (such as Stay a Stay at Home Mom)
  • They offer a paid membership site, where visitors pay to access information
  • They are paid to review certain products or equipment, limiting the variety of information contained within their sites (again, no company pays Stay a Stay at Home Mom to write content)
  • I hope this information better helps you to understand the income stream behind this site. Our responsibilities to you, the viewer, are not taken lightly. Every page that is created has you in mind first and foremost before monetization is ever considered.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you,
    Rayven Perkins

    Rayven Perkins


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