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Direct Sales Recruiting - Party Plan Games

Direct sales recruiting should be a priority at each home party demonstration given by stay at home mom businesses. Having fun in home show party games that focus on recruiting party goers into consultants for your direct sales home party company is an integral part of your business. View hostess party games here.

These in home show party games all focus on direct sales recruiting. If you are looking for other sorts of hostess party games, please look at the party plan games index at the bottom of this page.

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For this direct sales recruiting game for stay at home mom businesses, as guests arrive, give them a fake check you made on your computer, payable to them, and signed with a made-up name. (Write their name on it as they arrive.)

Also give them a certain amount of play money, to "cash" others' checks.They must then go around the room and look for the person who can cash their check. Make sure each check has a different made up name.

Wonderful hostess party games to use as icebreakers! Guests are on a hunt for the person to cash the check, but that person does not exist. Meanwhile, she is mingling and getting to know other guests. Finally, someone will come to you to let you know that the person on her check is not present. When this happens, let the cat out of the bag!

They are the only ones able to cash their checks, by becoming consultants!

For this of the party games for consultants, as you are passing out your lapboards and catalogs, start to talk about yourself. Tell guests your name, husband's name, children's names, how long you've been married, and about how you got involved in your business. Mention what kinds of prizes you've won, how many parties, you've given, how long you've been in the business, etc. Make sure you are listing specific information.

When you are done with your big speech, ask guests to take out the index card you've given them and then say, "Ok. Number One. What is my husband's name?" You'll get a lot of "Oh, I wasn't listening!" You can bet they'll be listening next time!

When you have a lot of repeat guests, change this up a bit (which you can do with all of the party plan games). This is a great game for direct sales recruiting as you can show guests that even though you are busy, anyone can do this wonderful job too!

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Use this rhyme for direct sales recruiting. Have guests keep score. The winner would make a great consultant. Have guests write their names down on the index card they use to keep score. Any with the "25" ending points should be followed up with about an opportunity interview.
If any selling you have done before,
put down 10 as the start of your score.
If you have a car and are able to drive,
the thing you must do is just add 5.

If some extra money is what you would like,
add 10 more, which is just right.
A little spare time will add to your score,
for this you may add 15 more.

If you like people and think they are grand,
add 6 more to see where you stand.
Add 10 points if you think parties are fun,
and when you add this you are almost done.

If you score the highest, it is plain to see,
a (COMPANY) Demonstrator is what you should be.
Add 25 to your score if you want to know more ~ about becoming a Consultant like me...
learn how you can make money AND get lots of products FREE!
Grow stay at home mom businesses by direct sales recruiting with this game. Give a prize for most points to whoever has a:
  • Green house - 10 points
  • Green car - 5 points
  • Green paint - 5 points
  • Green on - 15 points
  • Green eyes - 20 points
  • Green rug - 5 points
  • Green ring - 10 points
  • Green chair - 10 points
  • Green Tupperware - 25 points
  • Green back (money) - 5 points each
  • Green shoes - 5 points each pair
  • Are you green with envy tonight, and would like my job - 50 points

  • offer a nice gift for those wishing to learn more about the opportunity

    Have you played any of these games at your parties? Which has been your favorite?

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