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Giving a Direct Sales Home Party - Party Tips for Stay at Home Mom Businesses

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Giving a direct sales home party can be slightly intimidating whether you've done one before or you are a pro.

Here are some tips for all stay at home mom businesses involved in home based direct sales.

Learn what components you need to have a successful party as a direct sales distributor.

There are also links to tons of party games for consultants on the direct sales page.

But for now, let's learn how to give an in home demonstration!

The direct sales home party is the lifeblood of stay at home mom businesses involved in home based direct sales.

Getting a room full of excited, happy women together who are there for the specific purpose of buying from you is exhilarating, and the following tips will help you make the best of a great situation.

Before the Direct Sales Home Party

Giving a successful home party demonstration starts with being properly organized and set up for success long before the day of the show.

Your party planning starts the moment you date a party with your hostess.

See How to Coach Your Hostess

When you hand your future hostess her party planning packet and you write the date of the party in your datebook, your party planning and your direct sales home party has officially begun. The first thing you need to do as a direct sales distributor is arrange to get the guest mailing list back within 48 hours.

With guest mailing list in hand, start by mailing each of the guests a personal invitation to the party. The best method I have found for this is using direct sales postcards that you can design on your computer, which get mailed for you in the mail. I do not recommend emailing invitations, as too many go to spam. Mail real invitations.

Also make sure you drop your hostess a postcard verifying the date and time of the party. Use this as the first opportunity to formerly thank her for holding a party for you.

Three days before the home based direct sales party, call your hostess to confirm the party, and remind her to phone her guests to remind them. Despite doing this, try and call each guest yourself to remind them about the party.

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and encourage them to bring a friend. Let them know you have a special prize for the guest who brings the most friends. Also, if your company is like Tupperware, and offers a lifetime guarantee, remind your guests to bring any broken pieces or bowls that need lids.

Create a Theme Party

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At the Direct Sales Home Party

Finally the day of the direct sales home party has arrived! Make sure you dress for success with an attractive, church-acceptable outfit. Leave your jeans, shorts, and flip flops at home please!

If you have a direct sales distributor nametag, wear it! Time to represent all stay at home mom businesses involved in home based direct sales.

Arrive to the party about 30 minutes before it is scheduled to begin. Set up your display quickly, put out your party theme book, and spend a few moments going over any last minute hostess coaching that needs to be done. Then prepare to stand with your hostess and great guests as they arrive, introducing yourself.

See What to Bring to Your Party

As the scheduled time of the party approaches, make sure you start on time, or within 2-3 minutes. Yes, you will have guests that will arrive late, but punishing those who were on time is unprofessional. Start your direct sales home party by playing an icebreaker game. This will get your guests pumped for the rest of the party and in the mood to have fun.

After your ice breaker party games, introduce your guests to your business, formerly thank your hostess, and show them the bonus buys. Don't get too far into your demonstration at this time. Instead, play party games for consultants (1 or 2) at this point to get the party really rolling!

See the Party Games for Consultants Index

After your main party games, it's time, as a direct sales distributor, to demonstrate your products. Do your entire show at this point, and go over any questions your customers have. Also take the time to play a recruiting game and do a dating game at this portion of your show. Don't skip over these critical portions of your direct sales home party!

After your products have been demoed, let the guests know that there are refreshments available and that you are also available for any questions they have.

At this point, guests will be firming up their orders and will bring them to you one by one. Take the time to personally sit down with each guest and go over their purchases. Ask each guest if she would like to date a party and ask each guest if she is interested in becoming a direct sales distributor.

DO NOT underestimate the importance of this step. Many times, all a guest needs is someone asking her.

After the Direct Sales Home Party

Your direct sales home party does not end with the closing of the show! The hostess and guests you acquire during each party have now become a part of your contacts.

First, send out personalized thank you cards to both your hostess and all of your attending guests. I recommend the direct sales greeting cards system to make this easy, effective, and inexpensive.

Then, place your hostess and guests on your list for future mailings. Send out monthly fliers, sales specials, and initiations to your open houses and mystery hostess parties on a regular basis, for a minimum of two years after their last purchase.

Remember to call your prior hostesses a year later to book her next show!

What tips do you have for doing an in-home demonstration?

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