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The field of direct sales home parties can be lucrative for the stay at home mom who enjoys people and selling.

Home party sales careers abound for the direct sales distributor. Here are some facts about the opportunity as well as party plan ideas for stay at home mom businesses.

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What are Direct Sales Home Parties?

Direct Sales Companies are companies who choose to advertise by contracting with individuals, usually called consultants or distributors, in order to move their product.

Usually, the direct sales company does not provide any advertising for the business and/or products; that is what the consultant is for! The company pays the direct sales distributor a commission of the sales they make, usually ranging from 15%-40%, depending on the product, the company, and the consultant's position in the company.


There are a lot of different terms describing direct sales home parties that mean the same thing:
  • Direct Sales
  • Direct Sales Home Parties
  • Party Plan
  • Home Party
  • In Home Demonstrations
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    They are called party plan companies, because the concept is that the direct sales distributor, once trained, will conduct a party (like a Tupperware Party) in a friend's home. The friend, or host, will invite those she knows to come over for an evening of fun and games, a snack, and a sales presentation.

    Each guest knows that there is an unspoken rule that if they show up, they need to purchase something. (Note: this is almost always the case, though there are guests who occasionally do not purchase anything.)

    The host receives prizes, and credit towards products, for the sales at her party.

    The consultant receives commissions, and "dates" more bookings (parties) from the guests who attend.
    Focus is placed on SALES
    This is the fundamental difference between home party sales careers aka direct sales and network marketing aka MLM women.

    Though both are structured similarly, and often direct sales distributors get paid on the downlines they create in stay at home mom businesses, focus with the direct sales home parties companies is moving products, not necessarily opportunities. Moving products is more of a fit for a home party situation.

    Most companies have a sales quota each consultant needs to meet either monthly, quarterly or annually. While each consultant is encouraged to recruit other people to join the company, the usual rewards for doing so are either a small (around 5% ) commission on the new team member's sales, or a gift such as free product, for recruiting.

    Often, consultants have the opportunity to advance to a higher position in the company, such as a Manager, or Director, or Eagle Director, etc.

    This is usually based on recruiting a certain number of new people and/or maintaining a group volume in sales, leading to home party sales careers. As a consultant advances, the rewards are greater as they usually earn a commission off the sales of those they sponsor, if they were not already doing so.

    Most companies offer extra incentives to their consultants and/or managers:
  • Cars
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Exclusive Product
  • Jewelry
  • Exotic Vacations
  • These incentives for home party sales careers are for things like reaching sales goals, recruiting new team members, and making it to the next leadership position within the company. There are policies and procedures for each direct sales home parties company.

    Some will not allow you to use their logo or trademark without written permission from the company. Others require you to purchase business cards directly from them. Some don't care.

    A few companies will not allow you to advertise online. Some ask you to sign exclusive agreements, stating that you will not work with another direct sales or network marketing company.

    (Party plan ideas: read the terms and conditions of any stay at home mom businesses opportunity before you sign up and pay for your kit. If you think you may want to be involved in other business opportunities, make sure that you're allowed!

    You may consider passing on some home party sales careers if they are too restrictive.)

    Each plan is different, though in every company, you are an independent contractor, NOT an employee, and you will be responsible for your own taxes.

    The great thing about this industry is that it allows everyday people to go into business for themselves and helps moms stay a stay at home mom.

    All of the difficult work, like product invention, manufacturing, shipping, promotional materials, legal fees, etc, is done for you by the company.
    You simply purchase a Starter Kit and off you go!

    Most companies offer starter kits from $30-500. The company will even provide you with effective sales training.


    I hope that this helps you understand all about direct sales home parties. This information is intended to help all stay at home mom businesses and those looking to stay a stay at home mom.

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    What made you decide to become a direct sales distributor?

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