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Options for the Home Daycare Provider

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Daycare at Home - Options for the Home Daycare Provider

different home daycare options
Daycare at home comes with a variety of options for the home daycare provider. Stay at home mom businesses revolving around home daycare operations can pick and choose what methods work best for their specific situation.

You may be surprised to learn there are several types of daycare options. The choices vary from regular in-home daycare, after school programs, preschool programs, and even weekend and after hours care.

The great part is that as a stay at home mom businesses you get to pick the option which works best for you!

Traditional Home Daycare
As a potential home daycare provider, you may want to explore the joys of regular home daycare.

In this scenario, a stay at home mom businesses would watch her own children and a handful of others kids whose ages may vary.

This type of home daycare may need to be licensed according to your state's regulations. A typical home daycare provider operates under the hours of 6:00am-6:00pm. Check out the eBook Daycare Starter Kit to get more insights on this type of daycare at home.

Babysitting: A Great Beginning Option
Still feeling uncertain about whether or not running a home daycare is for you? Are you worried about monitoring so many children? Consider babysitting first and keeping your ratio down to 1-2 kids.

Most states do not require special licensing for this type of daycare at home, and it's an inexpensive way to start. In fact, some states even pay the babysitter childcare payments! Be sure to check on what benefits your state offers for a home daycare provider.

After School Programs
Another daycare at home option for stay at home mom businesses is running an after school program. A home daycare provider would have the choice of providing childcare either before or after school, in addition to their regular daycare service.

Or, if you're interested in more of a trial period to see if daycare at home is something you're going to enjoy, make this the only service that you offer. It allows for more time during the day to tend to your own household and yet still brings in an extra source of income.

Start a Preschool Program
Some stay at home mom businesses are born teachers and choose to run their daycare at home as a preschool. This option allows for all kinds of formats.

You could offer preschool for the kids already enrolled in your daycare who are old enough, or you could run a home daycare which only accepts preschool aged children. Another choice is to have a preschool program that lasts for 3-4 hours a day. The Daycare Starter Kit can help you plan lessons developmentally appropriate for this age group, too.

24-Hour Care
An often overlooked daycare at home option is 24-Hour Care.

There are lots of single parents who work overnight shifts, and it's difficult for them to find reliable daycare for their children.

There are several advantages to offering this type of service for the home daycare provider. These children tend to be a little older than regular daycare children, and sleep most of the time they are in your care.

The time constraints of this kind of daycare don't interfere as much with your daily routines, and since it is a unique service, you may be able to charge a little more.

Alternative Daycare Options
A home daycare provider often finds the need to be flexible and creative in the services they provide. Some don't want to be tied down to a Monday thru Friday schedule, or maybe your husband is worried about too much wear and tear on the family home.

Even the most experienced stay at home mom doesn't look forward to changing dirty diapers! Don't lose heart. Think about offering an alternative daycare service like Mom's Day Out, the ever popular Parent's Night Out, a Homeschooler's Day Out, or even holiday care.

Starting a daycare at home doesn't have to fit a specific pattern. Make being a home daycare provider something you and your family will enjoy. Best of all, you'll see that supplemental income grow!

What is some great things about having a daycare at home?

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