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Daily Deal Coupons - Groupon and Daily Web Deals Explained

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Daily deal coupons, such as Groupon, can be a lot of fun for stay at home moms!

Learn how these daily web deals work, and which sites are the best to save money on entertainment.

Welcome to the second page on Groupon and other Daily Deal Coupons.

If you missed out on the first page of daily web deals explained, please click here.


This is where I go when I want something unique or creative.

While Groupon offers deals for a lot of big name stores, Eversave caters more to smaller businesses with some very unique concepts.

You can find a lot of items for your home, flowers, handmade jewelry, and clothing.

The deals here are typically half off, such as $25 off a $50 service or product.

You can also earn $12 for every person you refer who purchases a daily deal coupon.

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Family Finds

This is a new site for me, but I am enjoying it so far and wanted to throw it into the mix here.

Everything is oriented toward families and children, so naturally they caught my interest.

You get a $10 credit just for signing up, so use it wisely and you can get a really great opening deal.

There is also a referral program that gives a $10 credit per referral that actually makes a purchase.

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Daily web deals from this site are not contingent on your location. The online deals are available under the "sweet deals" link at the top of the homepage. Everything is purchased online and is directed towards mothers and children. You can get $10 for referring friends who purchase a daily deal coupon and there is an option to earn a 1% bonus for your chosen school.

After Groupon, Mamapedia is my new favorite site! Last week I got discounts on custom designed clothes for my tween daughter. She spent hours on the computer with me designing her own dresses and outfits. It was great fun.

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No More Rack

If you enjoy a buying frenzy, this is the site to give you the rush. Every day they post 8 deals at noon (EST) and everything is first come first serve. You can see deals sell out in just minutes while others last awhile. They all expire at noon the next day when new deals take their place.

They do give you $10 off your first $20 order just for signing up, so that gives an even greater savings for new members. There is also a referral program that gives you $5 for referrals.

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Plum District

This is a great place to go for daily web deals on clothing and toys for your children. Everything is mom-focused and there are lots of half off deals floating around daily.

You can search the deals for your local area or just select the "everywhere" option. A lot of the businesses featured here are smaller online stores with narrow specialties. There is a referral program that gives you $5 credit for every referral you make who purchases a daily deal coupon from the site.

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The Mini Social

If you like dressing your children in high end or custom clothing, you are going to love the daily web deals offered here. Their deals tend to last for a few days rather than one day and most of the businesses are expensive designers that cater to children and parents. You can get adorable and unique children's and baby clothing here at substantially reduced prices.

They also offer a flat shipping rate of $6.95, which helps reduce cost of shopping online even more. Just make sure to grab the deals you want quick because it's not unusual to see fast sell outs here.

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Many people hear of Zulily before they hear of The Mini Social, but both do about the same thing. You will find daily web deals for high-end designers and each deal will be on the site for two or three days before expiring.

You can expect the best deals to sell out rather quickly, so check frequently and act fast when you see something you like. Their shipping is a bit higher than The Mini Social.

It starts at $5.95 but goes up about a buck for every additional item you purchase.

Their referral program is nice with $15 kickbacks when one of your invited friends purchases a daily deal coupon.

Sign Up for Zulily

Notice that there are different types of daily web deals available. Choose the ones that best fit your shopping needs and dismiss the others. There are a lot coming out with a direct focus to mothers, which shows they know who their target market is these days!
What's the best deal you've ever recieved?

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