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Creative Party Theme Ideas - Hostess Party Games for Booking Shows

Creative party theme ideas are essential for those looking to do hostess party games that result in booking more direct sales home parties. Take advantage of these ideas and date more shows

All of these demo themes go with the direct sales theme book. This is a coffee table binder that guests look at during your show, giving them extra incentive and ideas on ways to entertain their guests during their own demo. You can create your own theme book.

Create Your Own Direct Sales Theme Book

The following are some creative party theme ideas that I used in my Tupperware shows, but most can be adapted to any direct sales business.
auction theme for direct sales home parties

Auction Theme

This is by far the most popular of these creative party theme ideas. Guests who attend an auction demo usually book another auction demo. To prepare, you will need to make up Funny Money(pretend $100 bills) out of green computer paper. Guests earn "Funny Money" for:
  • Showing up on time
  • Bringing a friend
  • Bringing an order other than their own
  • Answering questions
  • Dating a show
  • Guests spend Funny Money on:
  • Use the funny money at the end of the show to "bid" on different gifts
  • Have one gift per five guests. Make sure these are larger items than just regular party favors
  • The guests who do not get a large item get a smaller favor

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    Wedding Shower Demo

    Always, always put a page in your creative party theme ideas book about Wedding Showers. Many companies, like Tupperware, encourage customers to register for a gift registry. Be sure and mention this on your page if it is something you offer. And if it is not something you offer, get creative and try to work it into your business if at all possible. Bridal showers are very profitable, and there is an index of free home party games to play at your showers on this site.
  • Set up a bowl on a table for cash donations for the bride
  • Guests put money into the bowl and the bride will be able to spend it at the demonstration
  • or, Have the bride fill out a gift registry
  • Demonstrate basic or starter products that would be appropriate for a new bride

  • Assemble Your Theme Book

    The following video will help you put together your theme book using materials you can find at your local office supply store. Have fun!

    insert for banana theme party

    Banana Split Show

    Have your hostess call each guest 24 hours before the show to ask them to bring a banana with them.

    This does two things: it makes the party games more interesting, and it reminds the guests about the party!

    Have her also tell them that there are bonus prizes for bringing a friend or neighbor with them. Great party games for consultants! Give away different points for the bananas, such as:
  • Color of the banana
  • Number of spots on the banana
  • Size of the banana
  • Give out a prize to the guest with the most points. You may also want to encourage your guests to bring a "dressed" banana. This can get quite silly! Award a prize to the most creative. For my parties, I demonstrate it like this:
  • (for Tupperware) Use the Serving Center to put ice cream toppings in, such as sliced bananas, cherries, nuts, sprinkles, etc, and the ice cream freezer containers to put the ice cream boxes in
  • (for Tupperware) Demonstrate the Ice Cream Scoop
  • As a snack, guests made their own sundaes!
  • This same concept can be used for other foods like BBQ Hamburgers, or Tacos, etc.

    Tupperware Tip
    You can make ice cream in the Tupperware Quick Chef by mixing frozen blueberries, cream, and sugar.

    Children's Parties

    All moms should add this of the creative party theme ideas to their theme book. Gear your demo towards mothers and their children, and play hostess party games that incorporate both types of guests. Hold this demonstration on a weekday morning, usually around 10 am.
  • Demonstrate Children's Products

  • (Tupperware) Show how Modular Mates and other containers can be used for toys and crafts

  • Have a craft or other activity ready for the kids to do while the moms listen to the presentation

  • insert for couples theme demonstration

    Couples' Party

    You can demonstrate entertainment products for holding dinners and get-togethers. It's great to invite your hostess and guests to bring their spouse to your parties. Men have a tendency to purchase more than the women if they see something they like! Take advantage of this!
    (Tupperware)Make a Giant Kiss
  • Give each couple a party favor funnel
  • Block the hole with a mini marshmallow
  • Coat the funnel with Pam spray
  • Melt chocolate chips or a chocolate bar (you can ask guests to bring one) in a Heat n Serve in the microwave
  • Pour melted chocolate into the funnels
  • When it dries, pop it out and you have a Giant Chocolate Kiss
  • Couples' party themes can be done with any company, just get creative! You can even branch off many themes from this one concept!

    Mystery Hostess

    This is one of the themes I always have a page for in my book, for the timid guest who wants all the goodies for hosting a show, but just doesn't want to actually have one. For those who are interested, I will invite them to one of my semi-annual Mystery Hostess Parties. They will be required to bring a friend or two, and attend the show at MY house.

    At the end of the demo, I draw a name from those who attended, and that person receives all the hostess credit. They get a drawing slip for:
  • Attending
  • For each friend they bring
  • For each item they buy or each $10 they spend
  • Important to note: I do not credit the hostess of the original party for a booking if one or more of her guests are interested in attending a Mystery Hostess Show.

    Baby Shower

    colorful theme insert for a baby shower demonstration

    I love doing this show! It is my favorite of all the creative party theme ideas.
  • (Tupperware) Show how to make homemade baby wipeswith the Square 2 Modular Mates
  • Show how to make homemade baby foodwith the Tupperware Ice Cube Tray and/or the FreezeSmart Containers
  • Demonstrate Tupperware Midgets and show how they can be used instead of those prepackaged formula packets for travel
  • Demonstrate other baby items
  • Demonstrate Rock N Serve containers as a time saver, and encourage guests to buy a container and fill it with a homemade dinner for the new mom for when she comes home from the hospital.

  • Pampered Party

    I invested in several large buckets for guests to soak their feet in. They are asked to bring a towel. I demonstrate several products that could be used to spice up a bathroom and different products that help to organize it.

    (Tupperware isn't just for kitchens!)I also give my guests a recipe list of different bath products they can make and store in Tupperware. Then we make our own bath salts, using Tupperware products, and each guest gets to go home with their own salts in a Midget container.

    Microwave Meals Party

    This is a good choice for direct sales companies that feature kitchen organization products. For my shows, I demonstrate easy meals to make in the microwave, and show off that line of products while playing games. I focus on saving time, since many moms today are rushed for time.
    insert for fundraiser theme


    It is extremely important that you include apage on fundraisers in your theme book. Many attendees at your show are on their school's PTA or are involved in children's activities or a church.

    Each of these women will have an opportunity to participate in a fundraiser, and many will be on the committees to decide what they choose as a fundraiser. You want to make sure that they know that your company offers fundraisers.

    This page will most likely not be geared towards specific creative theme party ideas, meaning that you probably won't do a fundraiser themed demonstration; it is more of a way to let guests know that you offer fundraisers.
    I hope you have enjoyed these creative party theme ideas. They are yours to alter to meet your needs. Make sure that you take the time to create your own theme book. There is no better way to get more bookings at your shows.

    What are your favorite theme ideas?

    tell us what you think

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