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If content marketing is not a part of your business plan, then you are doing yourself a disservice. One thing is abundantly clear when it comes to running an online business – content is king. Read on to find out what content marketing is, why it is so important, and just how you can implement it in your business.

As mompreneurs we want our businesses to succeed. However, many people don't even make it past the first year of being in business for themselves. This failure probably results from a variety of factors, but one factor is that they felt they were not making the kind of money that they were expecting.

It can be hard to keep pushing through with a business when you are not seeing much profit. So how do you better ensure the success of your business? Two words - content marketing.

So what, exactly, is content marketing? Essentially, it is a great way to get your business out there in front of your target market by providing them with quality content that they can use.

When you provide this type of content, you will find that your target audience will start coming to you instead of you having to track them down. It will also help you to convince your target audience to take action - i.e. buy what you have to offer.

Look at our world today: We live in a technological society. And the internet is the most widely used piece of technology out there. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it is being used by people all over the globe for an infinite number of reasons and purposes.

Whenever we need information on something, where are we most likely to go? You guessed it - the internet. And what form does this information come in? Content. Produce valuable content that people want and put it out there for them to find and your efforts could be working for you even when you are not working. Do you see why they say that content is king?

So now that you see why you should use content marketing for your business, let's move on to some types of content that you should definitely consider implementing in your business:

Content Marketing Tactic 1: Articles. Writing informative articles is a great way to get started with content marketing. Once you have an idea of the types of things that your target audience is interested in, write an article that caters to that need. For example, if your business is geared towards weight loss and your target audience is women, you might want to write an article about why it is harder for women to lose weight and how women can successfully overcome those obstacles.

Content Marketing Tactic 2: E-Books. This is simply a digital book that people can read on their computer or other portable device. They are popular these days because of their convenience. They are a great way to show people that you know what you are talking about- thus establishing yourself as an expert in your field. They are easy to make, and don't have to cost you a thing to publish.

Content Marketing Tactic 3: Reports. You can think of this as a mini e-book. Whether you give them away or charge a minimal price, they are great lead generators (have people sign up to receive them) and can keep people coming back to your website for more.

Content Marketing Tactic 4: Blogs. If you don’t have a blog, you should really consider creating one. Essentially a blog can be viewed as you giving your audience small amounts of info on a regular basis. This is another great way to keep people coming back for more.

Content Marketing Tactic 5: Newsletters. Having a weekly or monthly newsletter that you send out to your list is a great way to keep in contact with them and keep them updated on what is going on with your business as well as remind them of just what it is you have to offer, whether it is your products/services or great content. When combined with an autoresponder system, this is a great way to continuously build your list. After all, "the money is in the list".

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Now that you have a better idea of why they say that content is king, which type of content do you think you will implement first? Comment below!

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