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Classified Ads. Don't underestimate the power of a well placed ad!

Have you been looking to place classified ads online?

newspaper classified ads
There are many great sites to place ads on that will bring you more traffic to your website.

They can even help with increased backlinks and many will even allow you to advertise your business opportunity.

Here are two of my favorite places to post ads, which are the most effective for me.

US Free Ads

My favorite place to put up classifieds is USFreeAds. Though they are called "free ads" they will only allow you to put up a couple ads for free.

To post more, you'll need to join their monthly service, which is around $9 a month.

I personally use this classifieds site every single day. My ads run for 40 days, and then automatically get renewed. I try and post 2-3 different ads for different aspects of my website, different affiliate programs, and different websites in general every day.

By the end of 40 days, I have a unique ad running daily which draws in eager viewers from across the country. They also have an incredibly high Alexa ranking, which provides a powerful backlink to my website(s).

USFreeAds does offer a free trial program so that you can see how it all works, and see if it is for you. USFreeAds works well for those in website promotion, affiliate marketing, BUM affilaite marketing, any direct sales or MLM business, or even any local business.

Get More Info About USFREE ADS Here At the very least, use their free classified ads program and post a few free ads about your business. It can't hurt and will certainly help.

Free Classifieds


My second favorite site to post on is Craigslist.

In the right category, you can gain a very valuable backlink to your website and generate traffic for free.

You need to be careful and make sure that you read all the rules and regulations about where you are allowed to post your ad on Craigslist.

If you have an offline business such as direct sales, you could post your home parties or open houses in the event section, for example.

There are many more classifieds sites that you can post to. These just happen to be the two that I've gotten the best results with.

Do you have a favorite classifieds site? Let me know: contact me.

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