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Child Care Websites - Promoting Your at Home Daycare

promote your home daycare
Child care websites are an important part of your home daycare marketing strategies. If you are involved in stay at home mom businesses revolving around home daycare, learn these marketing tips for your daycare or preschool web site.

Other than the sound of a child's happy laughter, is there anything nicer than the jingle of coins in your pocket? Of course, crisp green bills are always great, too! In order to get those things you'll need to start working on advertising your home daycare.

When it comes to marketing there are lots of tried and true methods out there for stay at home mom businesses, as well as, fresh new ideas, too. Let's face it -nothing beats word of mouth, but newspaper ads, fliers, yard signs are all good starting points.

You might want research Craigslist and other child care websites in an effort to create one of your own. Of course, Amanda Fowler's eBook Daycare Starter Kit details great advertising techniques, too.

Newspaper Ads
Definitely an oldie but goodie!

This should be fairly inexpensive and place little demand on the stay at home mom businesses time.

Try placing an ad in your local newspaper for a period of three to four days that stretches over a weekend.

Pay attention to what kind of details you are allowed to include in your ad in addition to the basics like name, number, and service provided.

If you have a preschool web site, you may want to include its web address in the ad, too.

These can be handy things to post around grocery or convenience stores. Be sure to ask permission first, otherwise your beautiful fliers could end up in the trash.

Coffee shops, libraries, even some bookstores, are great places to distribute these things. Child care web sites, business names, phone numbers -all of these are must haves on fliers in order to attract clients.

Yard Signs
Sometimes the best advertising for a stay at home mom businesses comes right from your front lawn. Yard signs cost little and can be purchased everywhere from Office Depot to eBay.

Some signs can be customized by a professional company. Others can be made from inexpensive materials around the home. This is another place to advertise not only your business name and phone number, but child care websites, too.

Word of Mouth
This form of advertising costs you nothing financially unless you offer referral bonuses to parents you currently work with. Word of mouth can be very beneficial in spreading the word that you are a respected person who people trust to take care of their children. Again, if you have a preschool web site, refer parents to it so they can learn more about your policies or even post referrals.
This website is a bargain hunter's dream. Anything you can imagine is found here! So why shouldn't childcare providers use it to their advantage, too? Child care websites can be listed here and you can post the services you provide. It's sort of like posting an ad in the newspaper only the reach is much, much wider!

As always, the Daycare Starter Kit is an excellent resource for stay at home mom businesses interested in learning how to advertise their business through the simple means listed above.

Building Child Care Websites
This type of advertising can be a bit more complicated but pay off big in the end.

Child care websites offer information on who you are and what you're about.

They can be viewed by people all over the world and take your business in directions you haven't even imagined. For potential and referring clients, a preschool web site makes you appear professional and can answer basic questions about rates, hours, and your philosophy on childcare.

Child care websites let clients feel as if they are connecting with their child even when they are at work. Posting the daily schedule, menus, or activities their kids are engaging in for the day or week provides a parent with the knowledge that their son or daughter is safe and well cared for. A nice bonus for stay at home moms who have child care websites, is the option to offer downloadable forms and contracts directly from the website.

When creating a preschool web site, it's possible to bring in extra money in addition to a new client. Child care websites can earn additional monthly income from affiliate programs, ads, and other monetization methods just by sharing your daycare provider tips and experiences in the form of articles and blogs.

You can also create informational products such as daycare/preschool menus, preschool lesson plans, or even "how to" guides on starting daycares. These things could be sold with low overhead costs on the web thus earning the ambitious stay at home mom additional income.

Setting up child care websites can be time consuming but you do have the flexibility to set it up on your own schedule. The World Wide Web is open 24/7 so whether you work on your preschool web site early in the morning, during afternoon nap, or in the still of the night, you decide what hours work best for you and your family.

Learn more about building websites that work.
Do you have a child care website that you would like to share?

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