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Cheap Homes to Build - Living the Mortgage Free Life

mortgage free
Cheap homes to build might be an option if you are looking to reduce your housing expenses. It is possible to live the ultimate in cheap living: having no mortgage whatsoever.

Learn how to build your own home and save substantial money with this primer on tiny houses and cheap house plans.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a home out-right, with no mortgage payment? Have you thought of building your own home, with your own two hands?

If so, the cheap living mortgage free lifestyle, as coined by author and builder Rob Roy, author of Mortgage Free!, Second Edition: Innovative Strategies for Debt-Free Home Ownership, might be right up your alley.

Do you know what the term "mortgage" means? Mort comes from the Latin word for death. The word mortgage literally means "death pledge" (creepy, right?)

And that is what it is for so many families: a bill that never really goes away. Oh sure, some families are able to pay their mortgage off by living in one home most of their lives and putting extra money into the mortgage.

Others take out a 15 year instead of a 30 year mortgage. But even for those who do this, the process is long, and takes dedication.

But what if there was a way to avoid having to take out a mortgage in the first place? That's the concept behind mortgage free living and cheap homes to build. Instead of buying a traditional home that has already been constructed, you purchase land and build a low cost home yourself, at the pace you can afford, without ever borrowing any money.

The tendency when going this route is to build tiny houses. Tiny houses not only cost less money to build, but less time to build and less money in the long run to maintain. And honestly, coming from someone who has lived in tiny houses for the past 7 years, I can tell you that they are a heck of a lot easier to keep clean!

Getting the Land

To get started, you would need to purchase the land. Now, to keep costs low for cheap living, and to avoid building permits that may make this cheap homes to build concept impossible, you'd most likely want land out in the country.

There are different options for paying for the land. You can pay cash outright, set up an owner's financing deal with the seller, or even get free land. Yes, there are rural towns throughout America that are giving away land, much in the way that land was given away to homesteaders in the 1800's to settle the West/Midwest. States like Kansas and Nebraska have offered settlers the ability to build a home on a free piece of land. And some towns are even giving away free taxes and discounted utilities, all in an attempt to get more families in their town.

Here is a list of several areas giving away free land:
  • Search Kansas Free Land
  • Search Nebraska Free Land
  • Beatrice, NE
  • Marne, IO
  • New Richland, MN
  • Curtis NE
  • Of course, you'd really have to have your income source nailed down, or be location independent like our family is to participate in these cheap homes to build. They're giving away land, but jobs are still pretty hard to be found. Still, if where you live is not a concern, you may find that this offers you the perfect solution for cheap homes to build and cheap living. Just make sure you check the fine print: some of the towns many not allow you to build your own home, or may require you to have it built faster than you are able.

    Recycled House

    One way to create cheap homes to build is by building a traditional home using recycled materials. When possible, this could be substituting used materials like trellises in your cheap house plans, instead of purchasing new. You can source materials from Craiglist, your local newspaper, eBay, word of mouth, or even your Habitat for Humanity resell store.

    And get creative! Who says you need kitchen cabinets when shelving will do? Industrial kitchen appliances can be swapped out for traditional ones, and solar heating and cooling might save you some cash on your electricity. And keep it small. Remember, tiny houses are cheaper and easier.

    Natural Building

    Most popular among those who choose this type of cheap living lifestyle is the decision to make their own cheap homes to build out of natural materials. This labor intensive method can save as much as 70-80% off the cost of homebuilding, making it an attractive deal. Here are a couple different types of natural building:

    This is, in concept, somewhat like a log home, except instead of staking the logs like you would with Lincoln Logs, the wood is cut into 12"-24" logs and stacked like you would stack firewood. In between the logs is a mortar mixture. This results in a very thick, insulated and stable wall structure, and some incredibly beautiful cheap homes to build.

    Cob is a natural building material similar to adobe. It is made using a mixture of straw, clay, sand, and water, which is allowed to dry between layers. Because of the fluid nature of the construction process, this style of home can be an artistic and even sculptural expression of the owner.

    Straw Bale
    Straw bale homes are made using bales of straw as either the structural elements of the home, or insulation within the walls. It is inexpensive, but does take up a lot of square footage.

    Many of those who choose natural construction do classes with a specialist, in trade for free labor. Basically, they offer the ability for an instructor to come to their location and hold a one or two week course at their building site.

    The instructor charges students world-wide to come to the property and learn how to build a cob, straw bale, or cordwood house, hands-on. The course participants build the house, the property owner buys the materials, and the instructor gets the student fees. It's a win-win-win situation for all involved.

    We actually participated in such a course during our travels through Texas in 2009. We helped to build a cob house, as a family. We met some great people, worked hard, and now have the skills it takes to build our own cob home. Too bad we decided to go with cordwood! Our goal is to do exactly what I have outline here, once our travels are over, and build our own mortgage free home.

    This process, of course, isn't for everyone, but if you are in a situation where this is possible, it might be the answer to your housing prayers. Not only can this be a great financial lesson that you teach your children, but living in tiny houses tends to bring families closer together. And having the opportunity to help build their home can be a powerful experience for a child.

    Have you ever thought of living mortgage free?

    tell us what you think

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