Cheap Beauty Tips

How to Save on Health and Beauty Care Product Costs.

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Cheap Beauty Tips - How to Save on Health and Beauty Care Product Costs

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Cheap beauty tips can be a fantastic way to save you money.

How high is your beauty and personal care products budget?

Let's look at ways to save on your health and beauty care product costs, from cheap hair care products, to ways to save on toilet paper.

There are many ways to save money on toiletries.

For smart and frugal moms, there are ways to almost eliminate the cost of beauty and personal care products from your monthly budget altogether!

Let's talk about ways to make your own personal care products, as well as products you can always find for free. Yep, free.

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Cheap Beauty Tips: Coupons and Sales

The number one way to save money on beauty and personal care products is to utilize couponing. Using coupons, many of your common household consumables will be free each month.

Here are some toiletries you can get free on a regular basis:
Tooth Brushes
Dental Floss
Disposable Razors
Maxi Pads

The catch is that the sales go through cycles, so when your favorite shampoo comes up for free, get your hands on as many bottles as you can and stockpile to get you through to the next sales so you do not run out and end up spending full-price on a replacement.

Other items like toilet paper can be had at really good prices if you keep your eyes peeled, and you should never pay more than 50% of the sticker price for drug store makeup. Actually, you can usually pay 25-30% by combining coupons with buy one get one free sales. Couponing: The Extreme Video Course walks you through these methods step-by-step.

Cheap Beauty Tips: Use Less & Use It All

Have you ever sat down and read the shampoo bottle? It says "use a quarter sized amount". Do you do that? If you're like me (or my kids), you use a whole handful of shampoo, justifying it because your hair is extra-long or extra thick. Well, stop. You're literally washing money down the drain. Pay attention to portions, and use only what is recommended. And skip the second washing. You don't need it.

How many open bottles of shampoo do you have in your bathroom with only an ounce or two left? Combine them! How about soap slivers? Put them into the foot of an old pair of pantyhose, tie the top, and you have your own bath scrubby (no need for a washcloth). My son likes this.

When your lipstick gets down to the end, use a lipstick brush to get the remains out from the bottom of the tube. And you can even mix a little Vaseline in with the remnants of your eye shadow or blush for a new lipstick color.

Cheap Beauty Tips: Make Your Own

One frugal way to save money your next health and beauty care product purchase is to make them yourself. Here are some that our family makes, complete with step-by-step video instructions:
  • Make Your Own Shampoo
  • Make Your Own Conditioner
  • Make Your Own Cheap Hair Care Products
  • Make Your Own Deodorant
  • Make Your Own Toothpaste

  • Cheap Beauty Tips: Use Samples

    Free samples are an excellent way to stock up. When your store offers a free sample on a new health and beauty care product, grab one. And sign up for free samples online. They make excellent products to take with you when you travel.

    Speaking of travel, make sure you keep the small shampoos, conditioners, or soaps in your hotel room while traveling. When we stay in a hotel for several days, my daughter always puts that day's supply in her bag so housekeeping will leave another set (don't kid yourself...the cost of the toiletries is already built into your hotel room).

    When we get home, we dump them into a larger bottle of shampoo or conditioner, and keep a couple of the small travel bottles to use for our next trip. Another great use for the empties is to fill them with water and freeze them. They make excellent ice packs for boxed lunches.

    Cheap Beauty Tips: Switch Brands

    Don't be so brand loyal. Buy the beauty and personal care products that are on sale or that offer the best deal. Especially when using coupons, this can offer significant savings.

    And don't be afraid to try the health and beauty care product store brand. In many cases, if you find the quality not to your standard, the store will refund your purchase. I know that Walmart does this.

    Try shopping at your local dollar store. Even if they won't refund a less-than-satisfactory purchase, at least you won’t be out too much from your frugal experiment. And if you do find a good deal at the dollar store, make sure you stock up! In many discount stores, inventory changes frequently and what is there today may not be there again tomorrow.

    Also, OTC drugs such as Advil or Tylenol have generic equivalents that are just as good as the name brands. The medical name for Advil is ibuprofen and Tylenol is (acetaminophen). You can buy 500-1,000 generic pills at Sam's Club or Costco for about the price of 150 name brand ones at your drug store.

    Cheap Beauty Tips: Shop Online

    Good deals can be had online for beauty and personal care products. Especially if you are addicted to brand name products. When I was an ebay powerseller, my main line of products was Mary Kay cosmetics, despite the fact that I had never been a Mary Kay consultant. I would buy up lots from former consultants and resell them for a profit on eBay. It was a win-win-win situation; the consultant got some of her investment back, I made some money for my time, and the auction winner got one heck of a deal. Other powersellers do the same thing I used to do.

    And don't discount Amazon. Many national brands, even salon only brands, can be found on Amazon. This can be great if you use your Swagbucks points to get free giftcards, or if you live in a rural area and don't have as easy access to the drug stores that literally give away free toiletries when you use coupons. And if you subscribe to Amazon to have the products delivered automatically at intervals of your choosing, you can save even more (and cancel anytime).

    Cheap Beauty Tips: Calculate the Price

    Pay particular attention to the per unit cost of your health and beauty care product purchases in the store. Many stores, like Walmart, will give you the price per ounce to a fraction of a cent on the price label, but for some products, that isn't enough. When I say some products, I specifically mean toilet paper.

    Have you seen the varieties of toilet paper? Each brand goes out of its way to be as confusing as possible with way too many options and buzzwords. What's the difference between a double roll or a mega roll? How much money are you actually paying per sheet? Are the sheets the same size?

    The best thing to do is to bring your calculator (or use the calculator on your smart phone) and calculate the after coupon price right there in the aisle. Don’t assume that a double roll or triple roll is larger than a mega or super roll. Calculate it. Looks can be deceiving.
    cheap-beauty-tips-02; nail polish can be used to decorate jeans

    Cheap Beauty Tips: Double Duty

    Many of our regular health and beauty care product purchases have multiple uses; more than they were intended for. Here's a list of cheap beauty tips to stretch your personal care product budget.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can make a good mouthwash
  • Toothpaste can be used to dry out pimples
  • Conditioner can be used as shaving cream or to make homemade hair detangler
  • Clear nail polish can stop a run in pantyhose
  • Spray hairspray on children's artwork to prevent it from fading
  • My daughter uses nail polish to personalize her jeans
  • Wash your car with shampoo
  • Baby oil makes an excellent makeup remover
  • Dirty toilet? Clean it with Alka-Seltzer
  • Use Vaseline as a paraffin treatment substitute. Put on hands and feet, wrap in warm towels, remove after 5 minutes
  • Use a makeup brush to dust your keyboard

  • Sneak Peak at Next Week

    Like this section on cheap beauty tips? Next week we'll talk about how to save money on mom. We'll go over frugal ways to help melt the stress of being a mommy melt away, and more.

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    How Much Will These Cheap Beauty Tips Save You?

    I'd love to hear how you are coming with your frugal and free challenge.

    What are some ways you save money on toiletries?

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