Cheap Baby Shower Ideas

Throw a Make it Yourself Baby Shower

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Cheap Baby Shower Ideas - Throw a Make it Yourself Baby Shower

frugal homemade baby shower
Cheap baby shower ideas are important for a frugal stay at home mom.

How do you throw a frugal make it yourself baby shower, complete with baby shower gifts, on a dime?

The arrival of a new baby is an event to be celebrated, but you don't have to spend tons of money to show your expectant friends that you care.

A make it yourself baby shower can be just as beautiful and meaningful as an expensive event filled with baby shower gifts.

With a little creativity both with baby shower gifts and decorations, a cheap baby shower can still accomplish the main goal of a baby shower: providing a time and place for a group of friends to get together to celebrate a new life.

What matters more than fancy decor or expensive catering is the very act of opening up your home and giving your time to help make the event special for a friend.

Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

Though decorations can add to the ambiance of a party, you do not need to go all out and festoon your home from top to bottom with baby-themed decorations.

You can stick to your cheap baby shower ideas budget by using items you may already have around your house that can be re-purposed for the shower.

These homemade baby shower decorations include Christmas lights and photos of friends or family who will be guests at the shower, as well as photos of the expectant parents, any older siblings of the new baby and even ultrasound photos of the upcoming arrival!

All these decorations make excellent baby shower gifts as well.

Other cheap baby shower ideas for inexpensive decor include scented candles and balloons and streamers. If you have fresh flowers in your garden, you may also use these to help add color to the room. In addition, you can always serve snacks using your own regular dishes, but if you want to splurge, check your local dollar store for inexpensive party themed paper plates, cups and napkins.

If you only purchase one item to add to your decor, an inexpensive colorful tablecloth will probably be the best option for quickly making a room look more festive.

Frugal Baby Shower Menu and Homemade Baby Shower Cake

A menu using cheap baby shower ideas does not need to be look or taste sub par. You can inexpensively provide several finger foods such as pretzels, chips and salsa, mozzarella sticks, mini crab cakes, lettuce wraps, egg rolls or quiche.

You can also do make it yourself baby shower finger sandwiches by making inexpensive chicken or tuna salad sandwiches, and then cutting them into bite sized pieces.

For drinks, you can pull together an inexpensive baby shower punch by combining sorbet or sherbet with a lemon lime flavored soda.

The centerpiece of most baby shower menus is often the cake, but there is no rule that dictates that you must order an expensive cake from a bakery. For the cost of a box of cake mix and a tub of frosting, you can make a homemade baby shower cake yourself.

Bake the cake in a 9x13 pan, frost it, and then use a contrasting icing color to write a few words of well-wishes on top of the cake. You can make your own piping bag by cutting of small corner of a plastic sandwich bag. Another popular option in cheap baby shower ideas is to a big cake and make a small batch of cupcakes instead.

Fun and Frugal Baby Shower Games

When looking for cheap baby shower ideas, you can have just as much fun with easy games that require very little in the way of props as you would with a more complicated game. One idea for make it yourself baby shower games is the clothespin game.

As each guest enters, provide them with 2-3 clothespins.

Choose a baby themed word such as the baby's name, the word "baby", or even the mother's name.

Any time a guest hears another guest say the chosen word, they are allowed to take one of that guest's clothespins.

As the shower progresses, the contestants will swap pins back and forth, and who ever ends up with the most clothespins will be the winner.

Other cheap baby shower ideas for games would be to have each guest write down a fact about herself and the guest of honor (such as how they met or a hobby they share) on a small card. Later, guests can take turns reading the cards and trying to guess who wrote the clue.

A final idea for fun shower games is to play "Change the Baby". Blindfold your contestants, and using a toy doll, a cloth diaper and tape, guests can compete to see who can change a diaper the fastest.

Hand Made Baby Shower Favors

Another area where you can save on a cheap baby shower are the favors. Instead of buying lots of expensive trinkets, try cooking up some hand made baby shower favors. Serve your guests homemade cookies or brownies wrapped in colorful cellophane.

Other cheap baby shower ideas for favors include small scented candles or scented travel size cosmetics, such as lip gloss or hand cream. These items can usually be found in travel aisle or dollar department of your local discount store.

Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

One of the easiest way to work cheap baby shower ideas into your party plan is to make your cards and invitations yourself.

Buy a few sheets of inexpensive card stock, cut them into halves for folding cards or fourths for postcards, and compose your own message for the invitation.

You can either print them by hand or print them from your home printer.

Use colorful or glitter pens, as well as markers and stickers you may have around the house to jazz them up a bit and add a touch of whimsy.

The fun thing about make it yourself baby shower invitations is the fact that you get to be creative and add your own creative touches to the finished product. While you're making the invitations, also take a few extra moments to make a similar set of thank-you cards or postcards for the guest of honor to use after the shower.

Cheap Baby Shower Gifts

Need baby shower gifts? One of the best cheap baby shower ideas is to ask your guests to bring diapers and wipes instead of other more expensive gifts for the mom. Though it may not seem like an ideal gift, diapers and wipes will go a long way in helping the new parents save money.

Another fun and helpful idea for a make it yourself baby shower is to ask the guests to bring a frozen meal in addition to, or instead of a gift to make family life a bit easier for the new parents right after the baby is born.

Cheap baby shower ideas are endless and only limited by your own creativity. Have fun thinking up ways to save on a shower, and always remember that ultimately, it is the love and support of friends and loved ones that makes a shower special, regardless of the party's cost.
What ways are you frugal for baby showers?

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