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Cheap Baby Gear - Cheap Baby Items for Tightwad Living

save on baby stuff
Cheap baby gear is one of the hallmarks of tightwad living for any stay at home mom.

Learn what items you need and what you really don't as we explore cheap baby items and how to get them.

There are three basic rules every stay at home mom or wanna-be stay at home mom should live by when it comes to finding cheap baby gear:
  • 1. Ignore the hype over baby items you just don't need.
  • 2. Don't stick your nose up at second-hand bargains.
  • 3. Put your hands to work and create your own cheap baby items.
Not every mom has the talent, patience, or desire to get crafty and make their own cheap baby items, but every mom can find cheap baby gear by purchasing second hand or accepting second hand donations.

Every stay at home mom can also save by just not spending money on non-essentials as well.

Cheap Baby Gear: What You Don't Need

Most new mothers are never told that they don't really need some of the more basic things most parents spend money on. You may naturally receive a lot of these things at your baby shower and people who care about you may swing by with some of these things as gifts, but if not, don't worry about it.

You can get by without them. In fact, some of these things are routinely bought by new parents but very rarely used! Pay attention to this quick list of things frugal mommies don't have to buy on so you don't waste your money:
  • Hooded baby towels
  • Bassinet/Moses basket
  • Baby bathtub
  • Diaper changing table/cabinet
  • Burp cloths
  • Rather than spending money on these items, find alternative methods of caring for your baby while enjoying tightwad living. You can use cloth diapers instead of burp cloths because they are cheaper.

    You can us regular towels and wash cloths instead of hooded baby towels and small baby wash cloths. Get in the tub with your baby or use your sink rather than wasting money on potentially unstable baby bathtubs.

    I can't tell you how many mother's never even use their baby changing tables or included! So why buy them?

    There are some things that most new parents do not need, but which may be needed in select circumstances. This would include laundry soap designed just for babies, which is not needed unless your baby has known allergies. In that case you can often save a bit by using Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Wash instead.

    This also includes the bottled water being marketed just for babies. If you have filtered water in your home, it is just as good for making bottles! Which saves you tons while tightwad living.

    Don't get suckered into thinking you aren't a good mommy if you don't spend money on these things. A great stay at home mom sees through the hype and parental pressure and does what is best for her family...not what is best for manufacturers!

    Cheap Baby Items: Things You Can Find Inexpensively

    Of course, there will be some items that you have to buy in order to take care of your baby. This is where stay at home mom start looking for cheap baby gear to put on their baby's backs and cheap baby items to keep their baby's backsides comfortable, dry and clean.

    Some resources you can use to get cheap baby gear of high quality include:
  • Coupons
  • Formula checks
  • Freebie offers
  • Ebay
  • Garage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Friends & relatives
  • Church connections
  • Notice that some of these resources will give you cheap baby gear or cheap baby items that are brand new, but many of them will give you gently used secondhand baby items.

    You should take advantage of coupons and samples that will give you great baby products for bargain prices, but don't be afraid to take advantage of cheap or completely free used items as well.

    Most moms can get baby clothing free from friends or relatives, but you can also go to eBay and get some great bargains as well. You may need to watch for sales to buy baby socks, onesies, and warm sleepers if you aren't given enough, but the majority of baby clothes should be handed down or purchased cheap through eBay, yard sales, and Craigslist.

    Your baby doesn't care what name is on the label and they won't be wearing these clothes long enough to justify a huge investment. Keep to your tightwad living and spend that extra money on something else they will need.

    Baby blankets are the same. You will likely receive some through friends and relatives or you can just purchase some secondhand inexpensively.

    A playpen or portable crib could have been added to the items that you just don't need, but I put it down here as something to be acquired secondhand instead. They are convenient if you travel or if your baby spends time with grandparents or babysitters. You just don't need to pay what retailers ask for them.

    Playpens and bassinets are expensive baby items that can be made into cheap baby items just by purchasing secondhand or using a crib instead if you don't travel.

    Finally, use coupons and shop sales for items like baby bath wash and lotion. You can get grooming items like nail clippers at secondhand stores, but those are items you'll want to purchase brand new, for sanitary reasons.

    Baby Items You Can Make Yourself

    One way to get cheap baby gear is to make it yourself.

    You may be a crafty person who already likes doing things by hand, but you don't have to be like that naturally.

    Many moms can learn to make cheap baby gear and a variety of cheap baby items by following patterns in books or instructions found online.

    Baby clothes come instantly to mind here, but you can also make baby blankets, hats, booties, and other items.

    There are even no-sew blankets that give you the fabric and you just tie it all together for a very cute blanket.

    Catch those on sale and they can qualify as cheap baby items!

    Just being a crafty stay at home mom willing to get her hands dirty can save you money, but you save even more if you find fabrics no longer needed from other items and use them to make cheap baby items in the home. For instance, t-shirts handed down from older children may be too big for your new baby, but they can be turned into onesies!

    You can even make diaper bags and other items of high value in your home. As a parting gift, check out this online pattern for a very stylish diaper bag from Make Baby Stuff, a fantastic new-mom resource. I love this bag because it includes pockets for everything you need as a mother, including your own water bottle!

    What's the best deal you've received on baby items?

    tell us what you think

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